Tummy Troubles

I either have the stomach flu or its my intenstines being revolting. I am really having problems. Go to the GI doc and pay that copay. Check my meds. blah blah blah. I am tired and sick. I dont know whether to start my Humira up again or not. My Humira person said no. Wait til I feel well again. Maybe I have to start the Humira to feel well again in my tummy troubles. So I am going to my GP on thurs. but I will call my GI doc and they will just say I gotta come in to talk and get checked out. I just want to feel well again. I dont feel like eating. I dont know what to eat. Chicken broth and tea is good. Udis gluten free toast and apple sauce. I had half of a banana yesterday and some bits of baked halibut fish. sigh. Today its pretty outside with sunshine but I dont even want the curtains open at all which is not like me. I am having a rough spring. I know that I will get straightened out again and I will have a feel good time coming. It may take a few weeks to get straighted out. If I can just make it to SakuraCon to see my kids have fun and watch all the Cosplayers . My kids are depending on me to get them there at least one day. The other days they can take the bus.

I just want to lounge on the couch til the pain and nausea stop.

And my husband complains about the money. The cost of the meds. and the co pays. And I tell him I have to go to the GI doc and he complains some more.

I dont go anywhere. I dont go out. I dont use gas unless I go to the dr. or the grocery store. I dont even go to have coffee with any of my girlfriends anymore. They think I fell off the planet. Well.....they call me or text me once in a while.

Sigh........sad sick spring..............again.

Here's the thing, you said "again" at the end. If you typically have a flare at this time of year, there's no reason why it couldn't impact a different part of your body this year. Why can't it be your belly this year?

Your right. In the spring I always have bad flares. And this year its my belly. I thought this was something new but its not. It has just been a few years since I have had this one and I finally put my finger on it. This intestinal inflammation is usually put right with a long round of antibiotics. I will be good as new in a couple of weeks.