Oh Right. This Again

Tummy troubles part 2. I know what this is now. I need a long round of antibiotics, probably erythromycin , to knock out this problem I am having. I have had this before and its been a while so I forgot about it. So to the GI doc later this week but I still have to go out of town tomorrow to be with my mom for her surgery. She is coming unglued these days if I don't come over to see her and I was not there for her last eye surgery. She is having cataracts surgery. I promised I would make it this time and truly I am just hanging on by a string. I know I should not be going over there. I should stay home until I have seen my doc and get to feeling better but I know that will be a couple of weeks at least.

I would like to go to a retreat/camp where I could just rest and take care of myself. And my family would not have expectations of me except get rest and get strong.

I'm sorry, that's so hard. But I understand there's not lots of options. I just hope it goes as well as it can.

Been on a vacation in GI misery-land myself. Only I'm allergic to Erythromycin. So that was fun (NOT). I've since been diagnosed with IBS - but those symptoms are worlds away from the symptoms of a GI infection! So glad I actually know the difference, but not happy about having the experience that led to that knowledge!

I know what you mean about family still having unrealistic expectations. My Mom says all the right stuff, (oh...you need to take care of yourself, sweetie), and then turns around and volunteers me to plan our family reunion - on VERY short notice. Her reasoning being: "well, you aren't working, and everyone else is, so you have more time to commit to the planning process." RIGHT. She handed me this "assignment" Monday of this week. The date she wants to have it is July 4 of this year. Yikes!