Gastroesphogeal question

Hello all you good people! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I have been lurking around reading posts and staying in the loop. :grin: I have a question maybe someone would have an opinion about. Or even better, maybe a definitive yea/nay or insight.

This past summer I woke in the middle of the night with some real stomach pain and nausea. I’ll cut to the chase and just say that I spent the rest of the night at the other end of the house (so as not to wake the hubby) on the sofa. Eventually the pain let up to a manageable level and the nausea mostly passed. I finally drifted off to sleep only to waken to a rather worried looking husband peering down at me. I convinced him I did not need to go to the emergency room (it was Saturday so my dr office was closed) and probably just needed to lay low for a day or two. I generally don’t go to see my dr unless it’s something pretty significant. And this wasn’t ’significant’ enough. Yet.

For probably about week the only thing I could stomach was white rice. And not much of that. Then I started losing weight. Something I would normally consider a real bonus since my super power is gaining and retaining weight and I generally put quite a bit of effort into trying to not to turn into Jabba the Hut. I didn’t think much of losing a few pounds until I started losing like a pound a day. For over a week. Even I realized this was unsustainable and made an appointment with my PCP.

Turns out I had gastritis. (Odd since I’ve always had a cast iron stomach) He also thought I had silent GERD and put me on twice daily PPIs. (The only possible symptom I have is a persistent cough) I stopped losing weight since I could eat a bit more and got feeling better. Other stuff too but no need to bore everyone with more TMI.

2 or 3 weeks ago I started having mild intermittent stomach pain again. And my back started killing me. Again. And my wrists. Again. Then my hips decided to join the party. :weary: (My hips have never been an issue so I’m a bit concerned about that one) So, being sharp as a tack, I think I’m having a flair. :roll_eyes: Oh, and I’m coughing more too…

So, now that everyone is swimming in more than you want, or need, to know, I have a question.

I’m wondering if the gastritis/stomach/whatever the heck is going on could be connected to just plain ol’ systemic inflammation, AKA PsA? And if so, since I seem to be flairing are the two perhaps connected? I have an appointment to see my PCP again on February 8 so I wanted to weigh in with y’all beforehand. I’m wondering if it is flair related would a medrol pack make a difference? As much as I don’t want to take steroids, when you need them you need them. He is obviously not a rhumy but I don’t have one so he’s the only thing I’ve got. Fortunately he is, so far, willing to listen to input and suggestions.


Yes PsA can inflame most bits of us. But also autoimmune diseases can cluster too. I developed Crohn’s a couple of years ago and thankfully it remains mild. But there’s no doubt that my bowel has cell changes indicative of Crohn’s.

So I would suggest you also go down the route of ruling out any IBD also too. There are several different types beyond Crohn’s. Although Crohn’s can hit anywhere along the digestive tract from your mouth right to the very other end.

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Months back he did an upper endoscopy checking for ulcers and several biopsies to rule out Celiac, Barrett’s, etc. Crohn’s never even crossed my mind. Apparently not his either. Especially since I don’t have any elimination issues. At least nothing that isn’t ‘normal’ for me. Chemo, way back when, did a permanent number on me in that area. But so far nothing that I can’t cope with. But if this is Crohn’s or something Crohn’s like it will probably not be deemed ‘severe’ enough to merit serious treatment, which is how my PsA is considered. Seems since my joints are not disintegrating I don’t need ‘treatment’. SO frustrating! I tend to fall into Amos’ category. Tendons, enthesis, etc is where I have my pain. And I can’t imagine some sort of damage isn’t occurring on some level. But heck if I can get anybody to take me seriously.
Glad I at least have you guys to listen to the occasional rant! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Rant til you are blue in the face…you tend to have good reason for it. Since 2019, i haven’t had a single result from blood work that has indicated changes or elevation in inflammation markers. My new rheumy looked at my blood work history and said she won’t do that part of the blood work very often…it just costs for unnecessary lab work. Yes, I attribute most of my pain to enthesitis but what I don’t understand is how it can turn on and off so randomly within an hour. I’ll have ridiculous pain in 2 fingers while driving and have it disappear 10 minutes later. I truly hope that you get treated well and including preventative measures not just responding to “fires” after they start.

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There was a time in my past when I dealt with a lot of nausea and pain; I was not diagnosed for about 15 years after pain began and I had taken way too many NSAID’s during that time. I had developed gastritis apparently- I didn’t know it until my hemoglobin started bouncing around. Anyway, I had to stop NSAIDS for years and now I take Prevacid to help protect my stomach. Tests were done, no celiacs but I have to super careful with meds. It also seems if one part gets very angry, the whole system flairs.

@amos, Sorry for the long delay to reply. We’ve been a bit busy with snow, broke a record for January. Nearly 70 inches :face_with_spiral_eyes: and February has already dumped 10 or 12 more on us :weary:. But I digress. Thanks for being your usual kind self. It is greatly appreciated! I’ll try to keep the rants to something manageable :laughing:

@hopper, Gastritis or any sort of stomach issue is a new thing for me. I’ve always had the proverbial cast iron gut. And in spite of PsA I take very little NSAIDs or any sort of pain med. At least in the last 30 years. I have an unfortunate and rather bizarre drug tolerance. It usually requires a high dose of just about anything to work for me. So I’ve opted to just live with pain rather than give myself ulcers or kill my liver or whatever else taking a lot of marginally effective medication. Talk about a rock and a hard place! But I agree, it seems when something starts to rumble other stuff wants to join the party. Hopefully my PCP will be able to offer some help.

Thank you all you good people! Yer the best!

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