I’ll keep it brief or try anyway. After my 3rd Remicade infusion I had 2 weeks of feeling quite well. More energy not so much pain. My 4th infusion was 10 days ago and the dosage was increased. By the time I got home I didn’t feel good,got a headache and was very tired. Woke up the next morning feelling like death,I ached everywhere,felt nauseous and had the most awful pain in my butt cheeks & hips. Fastforward to now and I still don’t feel good,pain is awful along with nausea,also the costochondritis hasn’t gone away.
The problem is I’m traveling to England on Thursday,I only get to see my family once a year and I don’t want to be sick while I’m over there. My Dr gave me a steroid pack,I have some pain meds & Voltaran gel to take with me. Any more suggestions,a miracle med maybe,haha. I don’t want my time over there with my eldest daughter to be ruined because of this stupid disease.I would appreciate any suggestions on how to make a 15+ hour journey easier for myself. Thankyou for the support.

Lindseylou, do you have a good sleep med with you? I use Imovane (zopiclone) when I travel. I take it on the overnight flight, and then for 2-3 nights after. No jet lag problems if I do that. I also allow myself to use the sleeping med more often than I would at home. Makes a huge difference-- being well rested makes other problems more tolerable. You won’t be hooked in a couple of weeks.
Lucky you, England in May! Have a wonderful time.