Hi all,

Just got back from my six monthly rheumy visit, and they have recommended I get my tonsils removed to stop the constant cold-tonsillitis-flare cycle. Has anyone else heard of this? I'm a bit nervous because I'm nearly 41 and I hear adults take way longer to heal from this kind of surgery (and taking the time off work is going to be a nightmare!). Having said that, I've had tonsillitis four times this year and I'm fed up with it, so....



I had my tonsils out as an adult, about two years before diagnosis. I’m not going to lie, the first night was rough and the doctor wound up calling in a medrol dose pack for me. I had really bad swelling and was having some real trouble. That said, I was doing much better and was getting back up to speed in just a few days. I was 34 when I had them out.

My husband had lots of problems with tonsillitis throughout his 20s, so he finally had his tonsils out at 29. It was terribly painful, but that was 36 years ago and there are probably better pain killers and anti-inflammatories now. He's 65 now and I don't think he had a sore throat for 30 years following his tonsillectomy! So, good luck!

I had mine out at 29. Like Stoney said, it was NOT easy. It was after tonsilectomy/sinus surgery that I found out I'm allergic to codeine-based drugs so I was throwing up on top of the pain. BUT, the week of recovery to no longer go through the sinus infection > sore throat > bronchitis vicious cycle I was in was WELL WORTH IT.

Out of curiosity, are you on biologics and if so, what does your rheumy say about staying on or stopping them for surgery?

Good luck making the decision that's right for you!

Thanks all! I'm on Enbrel for the PsA and I suspect they'll make me stop it for the surgery (although I hope not - it's already wearing off and I can imagine what'll happen if I have to stop it for a period of time). I'm not looking forward to the op but it's a necessary evil I think. I'm so sick of the constant sore throat issues.