Today has been one of those days you wish you could hit "rewind."

This morning at 9am there was a knock on the door. When I answered, there were two detectives (guns and badges included) from the Attorney General's office. Apparently I and about 50 other people are victims of identity theft. In an unrelated case, they raided a house. As a part of that, they confiscated all the electronics, and found a database on the computer that had the personal identifying information of a bunch of people from all over Oklahoma. So now they are going around interviewing all of us to find out if there are any points of contact in common. This had to have been a relatively recent thing because we just moved to this address, and this was the address they had. Hmmmm...

Yesterday I woke up with some bug bites that I am apparently allergic to. Today, we discovered those bug bites were from bed bugs (just typing that makes me want to vomit). So now we have to buy new beds for everyone, and we have sprayed poison and bug bombed and then sprayed poison again. I'm getting an exterminator in next week. NOT IN THE BUDGET!

Then I burned dinner. I just had one job - make dinner. And I ruined it.

The good news is, this day is almost over. The bad news is, when I wake up tomorrow, my identity will still be compromised and we will still have bugs. Oh, and I'll still be broke. But at least I have a do-over for dinner prep :)

Next week is my court date for my small claims case against our former landlords. You better bet the bed bug infestation will be added to our list of complaints about the old house. My son was complaining about getting bitten by things at night at the old house, but we thought it was fleas (we have a dog and cat). When we moved, we sprayed down all the boxes to make sure the cockroach and poisonous spider infestation didn't move with us, but we never sprayed the beds because we never thought that the beds were a problem. Silly, silly tmbrwolf....

Bed bugs -- how miserable. I hope your luck changes soon, tmbrwolf.

Thanks dancermom and sybil. Sybil, you are absolutely right - things have GOT to be on the upswing after a day like today! (well, yesterday, but since I can't sleep it still feels like today). Now I have to get to bed. I'm getting up in 3 short hours to start tomorrow. Too bad I'm not at all sleepy. :)

Yup, the only way is up, here’s hoping you have a better day x

There’s only up from here!

update: We have sprayed daily, and threw away the beds in the house. It looks like we may have solved the problem - at least temporarily. I'm still calling in an exterminator!

The bug bites on my shoulder seem to be getting better, but the ones on the back of my neck are getting much, much worse. Hubby thinks I'm developing a secondary infection. I have an appointment Saturday morning at the clinic so we'll see what the doc says. In the meantime, I have tons of triple antibiotic ointment covering the bites with a gauze pad taped to the back of my neck. I look like something out of night of the living dead :) If it weren't so dang hot, I'd wear a turtleneck. ah well. I don't really have anywhere I have to be for a few days.