Tingling and numbness in extremities

Fair warning… adult issue.I have a bizarre question here. I asked my rheumy about it but he had no answers. I don’t know if people are hesitant to ask or if I have a unique situation. Does anyone have any idea why my arms from my elbows to my fingertips get that horrible tingling pin pricking sensation you get when a body part as been asleep for a very long time? It only happens when my partner and I are being intimate. It kind of worries me. Thanks in advance for any input.

Uh, maybe try a different position?

Yes, like Lamb, it sounds like a positioning problem to me too. Something is pressing on the ulnar nerve I bet.

Or its cervical radiculapathy. (neck)

Yeah but I don't know how to spell that......hehehehe. Hi Lamb!

Lack of blood flow to your extremities?

I get that - it's definitely positional in my case. Appropriately placed pillows can be a big help, as can changing position.