Is this a part of PsA?

I don't know if this is a part of PsA or a side effect of Mtx or something totally different. My hands and arms , particularly on the right have been experiencing numbness, tingling and pain. Defintilely more at night and morning but during the day as well. I do have other lumbar, sacral issues too but I feel like this is not connected to my back. Can anyone shed some insight? Thank you!

What I've been discovering is that tingling and pain like this may well be part of the PsA. Or I should say that the pain and inflammation are due to the PsA, and the tingling and numbness are a side effect. There are areas where the nerves are more tightly pressed up against tendons and whatnot. . . Think carpal tunnel syndrome as an example. When there is a lot of swelling in that area, it can put pressure on the nerves.

If you have a doctor who takes calls, I would just give a buzz and let the doctor know, so it's in your record. There is always the possibility that you have a new issue that would need to be further checked out.

Personally, the only reason that I got sent to a neurologist for symptoms a few years ago was because I had facial twitching, and a LOT of tingling and numbness throughout my body. It seemed to be part of my spring flare. The neurologist felt strongly that it was autoimmune related, but there were no lesions anywhere (as in MS).

I wish you luck with this. It's really frustrating when there is unexplained stuff like this going on.

I have been experiencing the same thing! For the past week I have been waking up during the night with my hands and lower arms numb, they don't hurt but do feel like they are "asleep". I have been on mtx since August and Humira for 2 months and this just started about 7 to 10 days ago. It wasn't happening when I saw my doctor last and wasn't sure whether I should give a call or it would go away. Interesting, I guess I will call and she what she has to say.

I too have the same problem. While talking to my Rheumy about it I had an "Ah HA" moment.

I have suffered with pain in my shoulders for months... swollen shoulders= numbness in arms and fingers. It didn't acure to me that was the reason because when I woke at night it was usually not the shoulder I was sleeping on that would be tingling.

you should always talk to your doc about your symptoms.

Thank you for your responses. Shoulder pain is a newer symptom for me so you got me thinking. What stinks is that I was at the Rheumy a couple of weeks ago and my doctor was so rushed that I forgot to tell her some of my concerns. I hate when that happens. I have an appointment with my primary tonight so I hope to discuss this with him. And the lump I found on my breast.

I have had the tingling in my fingers but I also have it in my feet. I have had tests and they determined it was neuropathy but the doc feels it has more to do with my B-12 deficiency.