Neck XRAYS Results....Should I be concerned?

So I finally get the

I do not know what happened to my original posting but I will re-write it. My cervical xrays read as follows:

Mild degenerative changes of cervical spine with anterior osteophyte formation and decreased disc space as well as bilateral facet degenerative changes causing neural foraminal narrowing most prominent at C6-7 level. How concerned about this should I be? When I was pregnant 18 years ago I remember waking up to this horrible tingling in my fingers. My PCP at the time told me it was probably carpal tunnel so I never gave it a second thought. But to this day nearly every night I am still awaken to this mysterious tingling in the first 3 finger of either hand.

My rheumy is hoping the increase remacaide dosage helps as well as going for physical therapy. Anybody having any suggestions or having a similar situation going on I would love to hear from you.Thank you everyone.

C-6,7 is the most common area for this to happen. Whether it is Spondylitis, aging, or just bad luck is the question. Unless they ordered an MRI, (make sure its with contrast) They aren't too concerned - yet. Mild isn't an opinion its actually a term applied to range of impingement. FWIW there is a fairly new lazer surgical procedure for this thatt is pretty simple although they wait until there is really a problem (its still spinal surgery) "Moderatley Severe" PT is first on the list, anti inflammatory drugs of course and injections are all pretty effective. waking up with tingling is not uncommon FOR ANYONE. Bad posture in bed, too thick pillow no pillow etc. (Usually side sleepers.) One of the more common anatgonists is not drinking enough water. Inflammatory disease sucks it out of you, water is what keeps those disc spaces open. You should be drinking constantly. Its keeps your discs nice an plump and assures you exercise (trips to the bathroom.) Usually unless your doctor is concerned you shouldn't be.

PT worked for me with my hands and shoulder. Maybe it will work for your back. Give it a try.

Inflamation in your hands and wrists will cause a lot of the tingling too, doesnt take much against the nerve to cause a reactions.

Hi Liz,

My last trip to the Rheumatologist we discussed my forearms, and three outer fingers being numb, he said that it corresponds with a nerve in the neck. First the wrist x-rays, I suppose the neck will be next.

I have this in my tailbone Liz, it is closing and curling, caused by PsA according to Rheumatologist. No fun! I will tell you that the Enbrel has helped my tailbone as well as my SI joints. It has given me some good days and a few very good ones! Be careful of the cold and dampness that is moving in on us!

I wish you well, my friend,