Cervical Disk Space Narrowing

Yesterday I saw my Rheumy for a routine follow up and mentioned that I hurt my neck during an archery lesson. It has been several weeks with no relief of the very painful symptoms. He suggested an x-ray to make sure I didn’t do some damage to my neck. Xray results came back today and I have mild to moderate cervical disk space narrowing.
Thinking back I have noticed a gradual stiffness in my neck and pain in my upper back. I assumed it was bad posture or me being careless about lifting heavy things. Now I know why. The archery lesson must have pushed the narrowing to the edge of my tolerance and has now produced extreme pain in my left arm followed by numbness. I have also lost some mobility and strength in my left arm. Next step is an MRI.

I am so depressed. Things have not been good PsA wise for a year or two and I was finally starting to see some relief with Humira. Now this. I don’t know what to think anymore. It seems my body is against me. I have reached the level of pain that I cannot tolerate on a daily basis anymore. I want to climb out of my body to find some peace. I am a very strong and sometimes stubborn person but this new pain has tested all my strength. Please send me some reaurances or any info you might have about cervical space narrowing and autoimmune conditions. I am read as much as I can. I plan to find a neurologist soon. Thank you in advance.

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I’ve no experience of this so I have no words of wisdom but I just wanted to send you a huge hug. xx

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Thanks. I really appreciate it.

X-ray showed disc narrowing in my neck also. As a physical therapist we were taught that imaging doesn’t correlate well to pain. Just keep moving it may resolve on its own. My neck is very stiff most days, but heat and gentle upper back strengthening/ chest stretching help. Maybe try physical therapy… Best of luck to you, but wanted to share that it’s a very common diagnosis even in people without psoriatic arthritis and not necessarily something that will cause debilitation.


Thank you, that is good to hear. I am getting an MRI next week and hope to start from PT soon.

So sorry about your neck. I started having cervical issues way back when I was still a young woman. It may or may not have been/be connected with my PsA. I did sustain a neck injury many years prior so :woman_shrugging: But at any rate, the thing that helped me the most was physical therapy. And time. I try to watch my posture and avoid doing any sort of activity that will strain my already cranky neck. Fortunately the killer headaches have greatly diminished over time and if I don’t stress the paltry bit of disk that is still there I don’t have TOO much of a problem now.
So take heart, there is a chance of some degree of amelioration.

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I needed this. Thank you. I have been full of worry and what ifs. I want to get moving, PT, but I am afraid to do any one thing just yet. Hopefully I will get a game plan after the MRI and can start PT.
I really appreciate you.

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