Pain in the Neck!

Hello Everyone,

A few weeks ago I asked for a sanity check when the inflammation in my neck started causing a tightening in my throat, and difficulties swallowing. I saw my Rheumy and she suggested an ortho pillow and increased my anti-inflamatories. She said if it didn't help soon, that I would need another MRI (third this year) for my neck. I am achy all over - starting to get sciatica, shoulder pain and spine pain. Yesterday, after trying to go for a nice walk with my hubby and sweet doggie - I started getting neck spasms. My neck tightened so much I couldn't move. From under my chin across the base of my skull - just kept tightening and tightening. Is this arthritis or something else? I wait for an MRI now - who knows how long that will take.

That said - I also wonder how many of us still work full-time? I know that my job aggravates the inflammation, but I have 2 teenagers about to start University, so no end in sight for me. Just curious how and when you decide that it is time to slow down.


I have a similar feeling in terms of tightness and trouble swallowing, but mine is due to dryness. Just a thought, and this may be separate from the pain. I hope you get some relief soon.

Some of my clients will get symptoms like those from their neuroleptic (antipsychotic) medications. I don't know what else causes that stiffening/spasming. That sounds horrific... I hope they can figure something out for you, and quickly!

I am still working, but taking time off as-needed when my symptoms overwhelm my ability to perform adequately at work. I thought I would not be able to work as much as I have been, and I am glad I paid heed to advice from someone on here, to not make any major life decisions while in "the Gap" or when my disease is uncontrolled. I am in my 20's, though, and imagine that I will slow down considerably by the time my son is in college.