Back / neck MRI - just need to vent

If I didn't have back or neck problems already, the MRI sure would have given me some!

Laying on my back on a barely padded surface for an hour was SO painful (at the 1/2 hour mark I was able to get up and stretch). Ugh. I have great mind-over-pain skills to get through long procedures, and yet by the end I was shaking all over from the pain in my back and neck.

I didn't realize just how often I shift and move to prevent stiffness and pain from building up in one place. I know I move AT LEAST every 5 minutes or so, so by the end of 30 minutes EVERYTHING was painful and stiff. Then lying back down after 2 minutes of stretching...torture.

I had a great tech though, she and I worked out pillows and padding to support my body before the MRI, and honestly, there was nothing else we could have done. Everything was done to help me be comfortable. It's just hard to be comfortable sitting still when everything hurts.

Anyway, just had to vent.

Even if you don't already have neck/back pain, it is an awfully long time to be still.

Marietta, You have described exactly what I go through every nite and all day long. I try to go out or go downstairs and sit in a padded chair, recliner, no way. I try to sew and everything from the top of my head to my toes lock up. I am in tears about what to do, I have consulted with rheumy and no answers. I have been on methotrexate but was switched to other meds that aren't helping. I have been given Lortab for pain but doesn't do much to help this pain and I have heard that after taking them for awhile they will make you feel worse. In terrible pain and need a rheumy who cares. In addition, the clonazepam she prescribed me to help me sleep, well, this is among several other of regular maintenance meds I take in to have refilled and give them to her and she still forgets to write the scripts. I an ongoing battle of frustration on top of everything else.

We need help.

I hope the information you get justifies the procedure itself.