Thumb MP joint acting up

It has been a week since I posted a new condition, so here goes…
I have already secured surgery on my left elbow for cubital entrapment for July 20th, and to re-do the pinky trigger finger, now my thumb MP joint is frozen and painful, to bad it didn’t act up before I scheduled for a hand surgeon. My Rheumy wants me to do the surgery a little over the half way mark with the Remicade infusions, so the 20th is perfect! The elbows really keep me up, they hurt more when I am laying down.
I will give it time to see if it will settle down. I don’t know if it is PsA related, probably OA, it is hard to know the difference some times, as I used my hands for 40 years as a electrician, lots of wire bent, stripped and wirenuts turned on with that thumb!

Has anyone gotten surgery on the MP joint? The other joints of the thumb are also acting up, but not as bad. I found my splint, so that is helping.

At least the cat can’t bite that thumb when I have the splint on…

Had the joint fused 8 weeks ago.
No more terrible pain . Minimal loss of use of thumb. Wonderful


Great to hear from you Allan, how is everything else going?

HI Jen
I’m pretty good ,thanks, considering the rollercoaster we all live with. Moved back to Adelaide from Sydney last year and it is nice to be back in my own home in the Adelaide Hills and away from the Sydney bustle although it is a bit cool here at the moment.How are you getting on?

Was the joint unstable from erosion before you had it fused? My thumb joint is fusing on it’s own, probably OA.

Having a really good patch at the moment thanks Allan - had a bit of a rough patch for the last year and a half on Humira (I’d been on it for 5 years), so I switched to Cimzia and feel like a new person - very lucky. I loved living in Adelaide (except for the month or so of winter wet), and the hills are beautiful.

Yes OA had taken over (or is just the PSA? Beats me) Joint had lost all the cartilage and became very stiff. Bone on bone meant any movement or a knock was very swollen and painful and it throbbed a lot of the time. Also had ‘arthur’ in the wrist at the base of the thumb and a small bone was removed from there.

Thanks sounds like mine. How about the upper PI joint? I also have pain there too. I guess I will have to wait for another year, I try to only do one surgery a year…
Thanks for the info!