The grief process

It seems to me from reading posts and blogs from different PsA sufferers that many are finding the grief of living and coping with a chronic illness very hard, so I thought I'd add this Booklet%25202%2520-%2520Grief%2520and%2520Loss.pdf

also The 5 stages of accepting an illness 5%20Stages%20of%20Accepting%20an%20Illness.doc

That was excellent. I read through the booklet that you posted, which included lots of great quotes. Thanks.

Glad this is of help…all too often I think we can be hard on ourselves and feel guilty about some of the feelings we have, but its all part of learning about how to deal with illness and get what we can out of life whatever.
I’m lucky that I’ve worked for the last 10 years with people living and coping with chronic illness…I’ve seen people sink and I’ve seen people swim. The people best able to cope with their illness seem to be those who work through their feelings and educate themselves about their condition and take back control …they have inspired me to do the same :slight_smile: