On Going Grief Process

You know we have all gone through some very big changes through the years with this disease. At first, we just thought it was an ache or pain from getting a little older. Then came the diagnosis after a major flare. After more years struggling to cope with this disease we really start to lose some very important abilities that limit who we are and the quality of our lives. Each thing that this disease takes away from me starts a new grieving process. It seems like we can never get past the loss caused by this disease and move on no matter how brave a face we try to put on, but we have to.

I taught for years in exceptional education with special needs children. I watched as their parents would go through different phases in their child's life and watch the grief they felt as they knew their child would never experience a high school touchdown, a winning basket, a first date, going off to college, bringing home that special person for the family to meet, walking down the aisle, or having a family of their own. Each step was a new grieving process of what might have been and so it is with us. We can never get back what might have been but we can make the most of what we have! I refuse to grieve anymore over the things I cannot do and will fight to hang on to the things I can do for as long as I can! Will I get down....probably. Will I stay down....NEVER! I hope and pray you won't either. Keep on Keeping on people!

For those looking for positive inspiration here is a list of some great blogs by people with RA (similar symptoms to ours) who refused to stop moving.


I gave up grieving the things PsA has "taken from me" long ago. I find joy in what I can do every day. The can't do is a given, so I choose to feel gratitude for what I can accomplish. :)

Nym, you inspire me. Thanks.