The beginning of my journey

So, I finally get diagnosed and they put me on methotrexate. I took one dose and I got sick with a raging tonsil infections the day before my next dose. The doctors put me on antibiotics and told me not to take methotrexate again until infection is completely gone. Now, I started taking it again, after my second dose in a row (third total), my pain got way worse. I could hardly use my right hand to do anything and my hips kill me after sitting for even 30 minutes. It gets somewhat better after the next dose. I realize the medicine is not supposed to be effective yet, but the anti-inflammatory they gave me is just not working. I mention this to my P.A. and tell her I am worse than I started out. They take my first liver CBC (didn't take one before I started the meds) and the nurse calls me the next day to say I have a high CRP (inflamation marker) She asks if I am sick or have been running a fever. She doesn't look at my chart to see I was at 97.6 just the day before. No, I say, but I do have a lot of inflammation. She then suggests it could be just a cold. So, again, she didn't see in my chart that I was complaining about all the inflammation I am having. To top it off, I had x-rays done after my first visit. My third visit, the doctor said they never got the x-rays, but he started me on the meds anyway. He said he would request them and look at them. My last visit, I mentioned it to the P.A. and she said they STILL hadn't gotten the x-rays and looked at them. Starting to think about going to another doctor. Unfortunately their office is the only arthritis specialist in our city. Hopefully it gets better from here.

Welcome, Donnado. I hope it does get better at the doc's. It sounds like they are very very busy. But that's not an excuse. I'd give them a bit longer, though, to get their act together and get to know you. Good luck with the mtx, but like you say, it can take a long time before you see any results.


Welcome Donnado! this is such an amazing site to vent and ask questions everyone on this site is so helpful and uplifting to talk to. mtx never truly gave me any results I didnt see results untill I stared Humira, Im sure mtx is helping though. It does seem very frustrating that the Doctors office isnt truly listening and doing thier part however I had the same type of frustrations when I started with my doctors office but with time it will get easier, my only suggestion is to arm yourself with knowledge I have looked up and read everything I can regarding PsA and all related issues, either on this site or others that way when I called my Doctors office I am able to somewhat expect what my rhumey might suggest of say.......I wish you the best of luck and remember we are always here for you to vent to us and ask questions! Amanda