Starting Methrotrexate

OK - I’ve been upgraded from NSAID to Methotrexate…did flu, pneumonia and hepatitis vaccines today so I’m due to start next week. Hope this will help!!!


Good luck with Methotrexate yael. It certainly helped me some when I took it on it’s own and I currently take it alongside Humira without any problems. Glad to hear things are moving forward!

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Good for you yael. I saw an improvement (albeit temporarily) after a little while on the meds, so hopefully it’ll go a little better for you. Hoping for some pain free times for you!

Good luck! :smile:

Good luck Yael! I’m on my 6th week of methotrexate. So far I’m tolerating it well. Adding Enbrel soon (waiting for insurance approvals). I do recommend drinking a lot of water the day of and the day after. Seems to be helpful for me. Hope you’ll get some relief.

thanks everyone…I have seen bad things mentioned about this drug but I’m putting them out of my mind for now. Maybe it will work for me. I’ll update!

I do know of someone who has a bad reaction to it, in the form of nausea and headaches. She takes it on a Friday evening so that she can sleep it off and have Saturday to recover from it if necessary. Think I saw that mentioned somewhere on here, too.

Good luck yael! I’ve been on methotrexate for over 2 years now - I was terrified when I first had to take it but apart from killer headaches it’s been fine! I do have injections and take folic acid 4 days a week. Still have headaches but nowhere near as bad as in the beginning. It helped my symptoms by maybe 40% and even though I’m now on humira as well, I can’t manage without the mtx (have tried the odd week missing - not recommended!!!)

THAT is progress! All you can do is try it, Yael. Some people find it helpful. Others get sick and have to switch to the injectable form. Some of us find it of no help at all. And then there are the people who didn’t find it helpful who take it anyway because their rheumatologists believe that it supports the action of their biologics. So give it a whirl, and see what happens, and good luck!

And if you fail Methotrexate, you will move on to the next weapon in the arsenal. I don’t know why that’s called “failing” the drug when it’s the drug that’s failing you!

                                           בהצלחה לך

Thanks everyone for the good luck wishes. Seenie - love that you wrote good luck in Hebrew:smile:Going to start on Wed evening…I’ll update after.

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Well I meant it, and I wanted it to be special. But I have to admit, it wasn’t really me, but I did know, though, to put it over on the right hand side. :wink:

Dosing yourself in the evening is usually a good strategy when you don’t know what it’s going to do to you. So carry on! How is your husband doing?

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My husband had a rough week after the chemo but now he’s back to his usual self. When I told him that I also have to take a small dose of chemo (well that’s what it is) he came back with “you’re just jealous of me” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: His humor is back so that’s good!!
I can’t shake the down feeling though…really fed up. I take Cipralex but it doesn’t seem to help. Going through a rough patch at work. Boss left and no replacement yet…everything is up in the air…When it rains it pours.

sigh You’re right about raining …

I guess the best news is that your husband’s unique brand of humour is back again. When is he expecting his hair to grow back in? LOL

Couldn’t wait until Wednesday so took the pills last night. and …so far so good…no side effects. Feeling postive again!!! My husband cheered me up yesterday…(.he’s amazing - I’m the one who should be cheering him up!!) He also made look on the bright side. I’m basically my own boss at work now so I can come and go as I please…so why stay moping around in the office if I don’t feel like it. Life is short as we all know…as much as we can we should concentrate on doing the things that make us feel good and not stick things out if they make us feel bad!

:smile: yay for not having side affects!

:smiley: :+1: