That didn't take long!

Quote by Andrew.."I don't give a **** if some people have terminal lung cancer and have a better attitude. When I was having a flair I would have preferred lung cancer!"

I hope everyone finds answers to thier questions. I hope everyone finds companionship and compation with people that are going through the same hardships they are. I wish everyone the best. Mostly I hope people realize that what they say, do and how they react in Any situation Does impact people in thier lives.

Me? I was better off with just my wife and dog!

Can we close the thread? It evoked a lot of emotions and strong responses. Worse, it made someone whose posts I enjoyed reading leave the group. It’s become a toxic discussion, so can it be closed?

I'm hoping Robert will be back. His experience and wisdom from years of suffering with this disease is invaluable....

Robert, my comment wasn't directed at you, and i didn't mean to make you leave. I'm sorry. :(

Please come back Robert! Your posts are so helpful!! You've helped lots of people. Though we all try very hard to be positive, some days are just.....those days. Please know that you're a valuable member of this group! :-)