Life Is A Bitch But We Move On

Thank you to everyone who responded to my last question. I really appreciate your thoughts and your inputs. Different post because some are wondering why I am back. I left this site for several months because I felt that some of you were too critical and didn't want to help those of us who were not experiencing your same issues.

I have to say that I have met some really great friends on this site. I have gotten really great advise. Don't be like me and get angry because this stupid disease sucks it out of us and do not want to hear what others have to say. These people have learned and can offer the best advise.

Thank you peeps!

Mary Anne

We are glad you are back.

Me too! Glad to see you MAT.

Welcome back MAT!

Hello there, nice to see you x

Welcome back MAT.

It's great to have you back, MAT!

Welcome back Mary Anne ! Glad to see ya !