Me too, but I have it worse!

Support is great but lets remember what SUPPORT is. We have lost some posters of late because of the growing negative tone of late. I'm not talking about OP's looking for information or support for a new or continuing problem. its the "me too" but I think I have it worse and its not getting any better.

I'll try to say this without TRYING to offend anyone (its really NOT my attempt) BUT when people are looking for support they are really looking for help to NOT be defined by the disease, not adding to it. Instead of helpful information, supportive comments, etc what happens is a group pity party and unknowingly unless able to take a detached look, a race to the bottom. People end up with I've got that too (when really they don't) and a result of Come to think of it I have that too.

There has been a lot less of yeah but I got past it after I lit fire crackers between my toes.... Sure there is a time to change lifte style, even admit defeat in an area (its okay AND its personal) but it is far more important to fight it with every fiber of our beings. The instant we define our selves by our disease we are cooked.

Can anyone imagine Vince Lomardi telling one of his players. That's okay son, he's a lot bigger than you you can't be expected open that crease, maybe next week you will line up against someone smaller......

Lets share, and support, but lets be CAREFUL to not be a downer......

Oh and one other thing PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lets be careful about hijacking others threads with our own "stuff"

Ooh I haven’t read the firecrackers between the toes thing. Does it work?

Ps only teasing if no one gets the British sense of humour…

Pps actually I’m feeling quite perky at the mo. mtx working with no side effects, no joint pain, fatigue levels minimal. Perhaps I should post a good news thread.

Please do. Of course the fire crackers work, if that won't get you moving, you are likley dead......

Well said Lamb and LOL for the firecrackers! Thank you, I think we all need to be reminded at times that we are not our disease/illness and to not let it take over our lives. :) Smiles are seen even through our words.

Congrats to you! That's quite an achievement. And LOLed at your other post,

GwynnethP said:

Pps actually I'm feeling quite perky at the mo. mtx working with no side effects, no joint pain, fatigue levels minimal. Perhaps I should post a good news thread.

Thanks for the reminder, lamb!!!

I wonder if those fire crackers really work?

Thanks lamb, reading this makes me feel better today!

Interesting. I have never been a part of a community like this. I like what you said…and learned from the responses. I think I have “highjacked” and didn’t realize it. Thank God for the group, though. I have learned so much and have felt “supported” more than ever! Thanks for the reminder…it’s gonna be a good day…

you are awesome my friend. good reminder, will keep it mind!

Thanks lamb, that was well stated. I have found that when I hear myself describing my condition, I'll catch myself and realize its starts to sound like a pity party and goes against everything I ever believed in with regard to not defining myself by my disease. We do have to fight to live as normal a life as possible and bottom line is most and face adversity with a "warrior" attitude. I guess its human nature to jump into someone's conversation and do the "me too" and mine is worse line.


Thank you for being brave enough to remind everyone. I have been away for awhile because many times I felt I couldn't take the negativity much longer. I try to keep myself positive and want to help with one's concerns or situations. But sometimes there is a note of "nothing will ever be better or my case is so much worse than where yours is" and I did not sign up for that.

I love knowing I am not the only one experiencing this life and its complications at times. I feel for all of you seem to have a non-existent quaility of life and while in the beginning I felt my life was over; how I have come to learn it just changes. I love your support and hope to be a support to whoever may need it.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day!


Its true, we sometimes remind me of ‘Jaws’…when they’re all comparing shark bites! Bless you lamb, feet firmly on the ground as always :slight_smile: