Taking another painkiller with Meloxicam?

My rheumy put me on 7.5 mg of Meloxicam a day. It's not quite enough for me.

Does anyone think taking a different NSAID at night would be dangerous if I take the meloxicam in the morning?

Or even just some acetaminophen?

I feel like the meloxicam is working, just not enough, seems to help with my back but not my ankles or hands.


Hi Meg, definitely talk to your doc before you add any more NSAIDs. Even your pcp or GP if your rheumys not available.

Most people can safely add other classes of over the counter painkillers at their recommended doses (eg acetaminophen) but its all individual - you might not be able to if you have any liver or kidney issues, so again, I’d recommend talking to your doc first - mine returns a phone call when he’s in between patients for a simple question like that.

I’m sorry to hear you hands and ankles are playing up, I guess it’s night time there and it doesn’t help any with the sleeping!

Thank you Jen!

I have an appointment with my GP on Thursday so I’ll ask her what I should do :slight_smile:

Hi Meg,
When 7.5mg meloxicam wasn’t working so well with me, my GP said I could increase the dose to 15mg safely. This worked well for a good year or so, but obviously my GP was taking in to consideration my test results and my other meds. So you do need some advice x

My doc told me 15mg was the common dosage for PsA. (I just asked him for a different NSAID to try last week, and he gave me 15mg meloxicam).