New to the PsA tribe

I got my Dx of PsA last fall. Apparently there is a possibility of FM & Sjogrens also. I will see my third new Rheumy at the end of this month. The first one I saw did Dx the PsA but the follow-up was not good. The second seemed only interested in proving the first one wrong, not in treating me, the patient. So on to the 3rd. I've heard good things about him and my PCP referred me to him.

I'm not taking any medication for PsA at this point except for the occasional OTC Advil or Tylenol. My worst pain is in my hands, feet, and SI joint, with general all-over pain in the rest of my body. I have two questions:

1. Has anyone tried compression socks or sleeves for pain? I wear compression gloves & splints when my hands are at their worst and it seems to help some.

And 2. Are headaches a part of PsA? Not migraines but general headaches. It seems on my worst days I also get that throbbing feeling of my head going to explode pain.

Welcome Butler!

I wear both compression gloves and stockings though not in the summer heat. They help me with pain and swelling.

Welcome to the group Butler! I have used compression gloves, and have definitely considered compression sleeves. I hate to admit that the reason why I haven't gone for them is the thought of what my arms would look like at the top.

Now that I have had a med change, and have been on a biologic for 5 months now, I have less need for these. If you have all over pain (and inflammation?), then it sounds like you are not being treated appropriately. The goal of treatment is to minimize damage. Just taking occasional advil or tylenol will not accomplish this. Not that NSAIDs can't be part of your treatment plan, but not occasional.

There is a lot of really good information available here, including the newly diagnosed section. Definitely take a look. You can find my story of diagnosis and since there too.

Welcome, Butler! Idk if headaches are a PsA symptom, but I get a lot of them, too. The BP med I take could be causing mine. Tylenol or Advil alone usually won't touch a headache. I recommend using Excedrin or an equivalent for headaches-something with acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine combined. It works like a charm.

As far as taking occasional OTC meds for your other PsA symptoms, that's what I did for several years-they didn't help much if at all and the disease progressed gradually. Finally, the nice people on here helped convince me I need to do something to try to slow down the disease. I got approved for Enbrel and started it last week for P and PsA. While it isn't helping my P yet, it is kicking my PsA in the butt! Also, I was very scared of biologics and DMARDS--I didn't get any DMARDS--and so far I've had ZERO SEs from the Enbrel!!!

I'm not suggesting to rush into anything, but watch out! For me, disease progression was slow until it sped up about a year ago. Luckily, the permanent damage I have is not severe.

Good luck!

Welcome, Butler! I’m impressed too with your quest for a good rheumatologist. This is going to be a long relationshiip, so you may as well keep looking until you get a good one who you are comfortable with.

On the headache front, I don’t have any answers, but I’ll throw something into the pot. One of the hallmarks of this disease is enthesitis – inflammation of tendons and ligaments. Now just suppose the tendons and ligaments in your head and neck were inflamed. Might that cause tension pain? Just an idea, I don’t know the answer. I’m not a rheumatologist, nor do I play one on the internet!

I have friends who swear by compression for pain, but hopefully the new rheum will try more advanced and aggressive treatment than simply NSAIDs.

I hope you start to feel better soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks all. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Rheumy in a couple of weeks. I saw the last one in April and all he did is d/c the meds I was taking. So it's been a uncomfortable few months. The only reason I take the NSAIDs occasionally is that over the last few years I've taken so much (up to 16 advil & 6 naproxen a day) I worry about my stomach & liver. I did take mtx for 9 weeks and it seemed to help some. At this point I just want to feel better. I know I'll never feel "great" again but it would be nice to feel better.

Sounds like you are on the right path Butler! It took me a long time to find a good Rhuemy that is really going to treat this. I drive 2.5 hours to see her but it has been so worth it. I am waiting for insurance approval for a biological now.

I knew in my heart (or joints) that the recommendation to,“Take NSAIDS and call me if a joint swells up and get red hot” was not enough. My new Doc seems to agree since she is recommending a biologic right off the bat! Good luck to you and keep being your own advocate. Someone (doc) out there will listen! :slight_smile: