Surgery count

Am I the only one with a ridiculous surgery count? The good news is that many of them have been minor surgeries, such as trigger finger. But this is ridiculous. I was diagnosed at 35 years old and I’m 51 years old now. Only the first 4 surgeries were prior to being diagnosed.

  1. Exploratory laparoscopy, ovarian cyst
  2. L4-L5 laminectomy/diskectomy
  3. L4-L5 laminectomy/diskectomy and scar clean up
  4. Tonsils
  5. Right base of thumb laxity
  6. Left thumb trigger release
  7. Right thumb trigger release
  8. DeQuervain’s release right side
  9. DeQuervain’s release left side
  10. Right shoulder AC joint
  11. Left eye cataract
  12. Right eye cataract
  13. Left foot bone graft and hardware placement (idiopathic fracture)
  14. Removal of hardware
  15. Removal of ganglion cyst, right foot (that was just a week ago)
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Well, you must be in the top 3 contenders for 1st place! Looks like material for some kind of “Hurtin’ real bad” country song in the making but it’s hard to find something that rhymes with “tonsils”!


That’s very funny.

My mom definitely has me beat, but I’m not too certain whether we just fall into some weird category or whether this is somewhat typical. She’s had revisions on carpal tunnel on both hands, as an example. Her back is a disaster and she’s had (I think) five surgeries on her back, with multiple rods and fusions.

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You’ve certainly got me beat Stoney, I’m at 9 all up and that’s enough. Unfortunately I’ve been told I haven’t finished yet, so I might end up catching you :wink: I do hope they’re wrong, I HATE the waking up from anaesthetic, just horrible. Add the post surgery pain and I’m worse than a bear with a sore head. My wife tells me I am NOT a nice patient. Last bunch of op’s I apologised to the staff even before they admitted me. Basically, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

With neurosurgery post-op they keep checking the obs (observations) every 1/2hr. One of their checks is to ensure no brain bleeds. To do this they compare the iris size and reaction with a VERY bright light, every 1/2hr throughout the night they shine an OMG strength spotlight right at the pupil and by the end of it I’m about ready to kill. The less of all of that, the better IMHO :laughing: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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Oh my goodness. Yes that is a whole lot of surgery. Now if you included biopsies and colonoscopies I’d come close! (but most of them are not a big procedure and really don’t count - except the bone marrow biopsy - ouch!)

I can only blame inflammation for 4 surgeries so far (two bowel re-sections and two carpal tunnel). Unfortunately the carpal tunnel started recurring only 9 months after surgery, so I’m not sure what comes next (see the hand guy tomorrow). Must be some sort of unfortunate world record.

Scan-wise though, I think I’d be head of the pack. Can’t be bothered counting, but I’m going to say conservatively 25 over the last 12 months :roll_eyes:

That sounds awful Merl! I usually wake up being told to breathe, but other than that it’s straightforward. And I’m usually numb when I wake up, so there’s that to be said for it.

You might have to beat my mom on the carpal tunnel. She’s already had the release done twice on each hand, and I think is going in for a third soon.

You know what, I didn’t even count the two biopsies that I’ve had. They were minor enough. A bone marrow biopsy is something that I hope to never ever have.

19 PsA related surgeries here. 3 more joint replacements on tap. Spinal surgery recommended (3 areas) but unless there is loss of function that simply won’t happen. Though a move to a different climate has helped delay the immediate need…

That’s my biggest concern is spinal surgeries. Having had two in the past I would much rather avoid any further. I know what my lower back looks like and it’s a mess. I suspect there’s some stenosis.

I did see recently that it looks like artificial disks may be a real option in the not too distant future.

Hoping that replacements will wait a long while. That’s why I really need to make sure that the meds I’m on are doing the best job possible. Right now that’s not quite the case