Yuck, my total post just deleted itself again. Sucks! OK so here goes one more time. what do you guys think?

So what do you guys know about back surgery? Cyst between L4 and L5, putting pressure on my left leg. making walking next to impossible. Wants to remove it and fix back at the same time.

What do you think, something I should consider? Scared ,thoughts? Input appreciated!

Back surgery sucks! I don't know much about cysts. I'm wondering why it can't be drained, rather than removed. Honestly, it all depends on what needs to be done.

I had back surgery twice at L4-L5, a laminectomy and diskectomy, when I was 25 years old. I had exhausted all other non-surgical options, including PT, cortisone, chiropractor, etc, and was starting to pee my pants. I recovered much better from the second surgery, in large part because I started PT right away, and had no issues with scar tissue.

My mother, has had 4 back surgeries, and now has a large section of her spine fused, and uses a walker. The last surgery caused nerve damage to her leg, and she is considered to have failed surgery. She will continue to have pain the rest of her life. She manages, but it's really rough.

Part of the problem is that when you fix one problem, it tends to put pressure on adjacent areas of your spine. You said they want to "fix" your back. What did they want to do? Did you already get a second opinion?

(are you using a laptop? I have problems with one of my laptops having an oversensitive mouse pad, and it tends to randomly jump, as well as randomly erase chunks of text.)

Foot Drop is a time for surgery!!!! So the follow unbiased gentle post has nothing to do with LMD's experience......

I'd guess I'd want to know what he wants to fix. Removing a cyst is one thing IF its been biopsied and needs removed (some resolve themselves.)

The following is an over simplification and only opinion, its free, so you know up front what its worth. They spend a lot of money these days fixing things that there is no evidence cause problems (bulging discs etc.) the other favorite fix is a fusion. Wierd on two fronts (if you ask me) We spend thousands of dollars a month to avoid fusion only to hand a surgeon 30 grand or more to cause it..... Most of us have been to a chiro quacker at one time or another Sometimes they help sometimes they don't, and sometimes the hurt. Now we are going to go to a surgeon pay him a bunch of money put us asleep put out vertebrae where he thinks they should go (mind you we are asleep so we can't tell him if the position he has them in helps or hurts) an then allow him to screw them in place so new bone can grow and keep them there for ever

I have as much respect for these new spinal centers popping up (profit centers is more appropriate) as I do store front pain management stores in Florida and child molesters. I would sooner go to a dentist for rootcanal without novocaine than a spinal center for a visit,

If anyone but a neuro-surgeon were to try to remove a spinal cyst from me, I'd be more likley to buy a DIY surgery kit on eBay and do it myself

MAT, do you have a good friend with medical smarts who you might be able to take along with you on a consult with the back surgeon? Sounds like you could do with a second opinion, and a double-check from someone close to you and knowledgeable.
It’s a big decision, and as you can see from what others have said, it can be a hit-or-miss propostion.