Hello everyone!
I was searching some if the older posts about supplements and I wanted to start a fresh one to see why everyone is taking. I am only asking what supplements you take along side prescription medications, not supplements alone as treatment.

I currently take
flax seed oil (omega)
Calcium (I don’t eat or drink dairy)
Fruit and veggie gummies
Fiber capsules

I’m currently taking:
Vitamin D
folic acid

Realistically, I should add flax seed oil back in. And I’m finishing up a bottle of Vitamin C to help with fracture healing.

Salmon fish oil
Folic acid 5 mg/ day
Calcium/magnesium with vitamin D
Dark Chocolate :grin:

Vit D,
Folic acid,
Risedronic sodium
Himalaian salt crystals

Calcium and Vit D
And a B12 mix.

Calcium + Vit D + magnesium

Thanks everyone!! This is very helpful. Is there anything you took in the past that interferes with your medication or caused a flare?

K2 (as MK7)
Fish oil
Multi vitamin
B complex
B12 liquid ( pernicious anemia)

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Well you don’t want too many of the immune boosting ones that’s for sure, but I personally never think the ‘energising’ ones do much harm. But really you should be getting as much as possible from your diet anyway. Supplements of these sort for the most part are simply reacting the ads on TV and making you feel a little better for the guilt those ads induce. They’re certainly not a magic bullet for PsA really.


Interferes with medication - St Johns wort and Tramadol. I was so sick I’ve never touched either of them since.

Remember anything strong enough to have a significant effect, is also strong enough to have a significant side effect.


You know… this has me thinking. I take a berry gummy that has antioxidants in it but also has elderberry to boost your immune system. I liked it since it has tart cherry in it too but I wonder if it has lead to an increase in my symptoms. I am stopping it soon anyway since I am running out!

@Amos Dark chocolate for sure!!

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Update, have just been put on a 40 day supplement addition of potassium and vit c for my vitreous situation in my eyes. As am currently also fasting to achieve as low as poss Bmi, its effects seem beneficial

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Goodness Leticia, what do you mean as low as possible BMI? I can tell you from personal experience that a low BMI is not always a good thing!

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@Jen75 Sorry about the theatrical hyperbole. In my case, lowest possible meaning a healthy bmi. Family doctor told me 79.5 kilos was acceptable. Years back had been 75, am about 182 cm, at the moment am 80 kg following a series of intermittent fasts refeeding with carnivore fatty food. Results on inflammation, pain, mind clarity and mood
seem remarkable. Considering am fit at 72 or 75, have fasting margin more than a year if need be… in any case am not forcing myself not to eat, the desire came spontaneously. I will do liver check up to monitor fatty liver response on this diet. Medication should be counteracted with detox as much as possible? Thank you ever so much for your info

Calcium and Zinc, plus Potassium. I have to take these becasue I drink about three gallons of water a day.

Had to stop the Tumeric because it aggravated my gall bladder.

Vit D by prescription once a week. 50,000 units.

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Why so much water?

Nervous habit and some meds I take dry my mouth out. I also talk a lot on the phone during the day.

Gotcha. I know how that feels.

That makes sense @letizia. I’ve got a target range too, and try to keep inside it as much as I can - sometimes I let it creep up by accident and that means dropping a few kilos, at the moment it means trying not to lose any more, or pack it on fast if the steroids suddenly start working (Crohn’s). Hope all the work on diet continues to help with that.


Wow, @Jen75 , Chron’s, as well as psa and other autoimmune issues, benefits from diet handling, as far as have read . Congratulations on your weight management. That’s exactly it , steroids ramping up weight makes it often quite hard to achieve balance. Keep on reading that cheese messes up thyroid issues such as my hashimoto, and try to ignore the fact. It really is true that anything fun is either illegal, immoral or fattening…

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