Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Supplements with Methotrexate?


I'm about 2 months into my diagnosis of PsA. I have finished my 4th week of Methotrexate (once a week injection).

What's your opinion on supplements w/meds ?? I am taking Turmeric pills, fish oils, shark cartilage, folic acid (except day I take Mehotrexate), and have dabbled with Diatomaceous Earth. I'm also wondering if this is too much at one time,,,

Just wondering if anyone else is taking any of these and your results ? Or if other supplements are working for you?


Hi, GjW. Like Sybil says, your rheumatologist will most likely have instructed you to take the folic acid. I’ve heard of the others (except for DE) being used, but your doctor should absolutely be told about what you are taking. I’m guessing that he/she won’t have a problem with it, but they should be aware of all supplements. There are some which can interact with the medications we take.

I take a hefty dose of Vitamin D, my doctor suggested. Many of us with PsA are, apparently, Vitamin D deficient. I’d suggest asking about that.

And I’m interested to know the diatomaceous earth story as well!

Switch to injections, its alot easier to tolerate.