I know, gutted when I found out about Bacon and cancer… :joy::joy:. But I still sneak some!


I had been taking fish oil and CoQ10.

I recently watched a program that changed my mind about what to eat and what pills to take. I’m not sure if I and my husband are on the right track, but from what we learned from the TV show, Food Choices, we’re convinced meat should not be the basis of our meals—my husband wants to give up meat and dairy completely! I’m ok with some meat. But a doctor on that show said fish oil isn’t healthy. I thought about that, and started wondering if that’s why I have fatty liver disease! So I’m going to give up the fish oil. We’re eating mostly 95% veggies, fruits, rice and legumes, etc. So far it’s not so bad. We need some good recipes, though, to make our meals more interesting. Oh, and the show suggested to take vitamin B12, and possibly D if we don’t get enough sunshine.

I’ll let y’all know how it’s going.


Fish oil isn’t good for you? Hmmm. Nasty sceptical little mind I have. Tend to suspect that this is one of those ‘discoveries’ that is soon to be overturned by another one which is then overturned by another one and so on ad infinitum.

I don’t take supplements but I do eat oily fish regularly. Maybe the fish oil supplements deliver too much at once? We eat the kind of diet you’re now on out of choice but add to it. If you find that a lot of rice agrees with you both then curries are an obvious option. And curries need not be hot as you probably know. Rice salads … risottos … And roast vegetables can be yummy.


I haven’t seen the show @Grandma_J spoke about, but a very large review of fish oil supplements was done by Cochrane in 2018 and failed to find a significant positive effect for cardiovascular health - though it should be noted, there was definitely no negative effect, so I’m don’t think there’s much actual evidence that fish oil is unhealthy.

The nps in Oz still says it can have a modest positive effect on RA symptoms (but not on the disease itself).

As for red or processed meat (hence my comment about bacon) there does seem to be mounting evidence there that too much is not good for most people, and increases risk for cancer (WHO). Thing is always the qualifiers - “too much” and “most people”. You just gotta do what works best for you :grin:

Love this discussion!
Our diet is mostly fruits, veggies, and grains here. We do eat meat but our portions are much smaller than they used to be. Eating more “white” meats since they are cheaper. We also source our beef from a local ranch and it’s much higher quality. Yay, Texas!

I havent heard anything about fish oil but I switched to flax seed oil and I feel I get the same benefits. Plus no fish harmed, farmed, and no fish burps!

I think I need the B12 and D since its been so hot here we havent been outside as much as I would like to.

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What makes me perplexed to say the least is the lumping together of red and processed meat, no mention of treatment of pasture or grain feed. Am allowed scientific skepticism after a lifetime of reviews and sources amphasizing grain and carbs for amelioration and preventing of type 2 diabetes cancer etc and necessity for fat free seed oils etc: result had cancer initially at 20 or so then stage 4 at 40 or so, psa, hashimoto, keratosis, heart failure, type2 beginnings and fatty liver…thank you am happy to continue w the other side’s research now, esp since obtaining remissions or improvements on many counts … agree on necessity to obtain vit and minerals directly from food as much as poss, I try to have fatty fish three times a week , have eggs, red meat , some cheese, to choose from on hopefully once a day basis meals or alternate days. Who knows what the morrow will bring, at the mo it s ok

Vitamin D3
Selenium (2 Brazil nuts, daily)
Turmeric/Curcumin (CurcumaSorb brand - it has to have bio-availability)


There is an interesting book: The Keystone Approach, concerning diet(s) for PsA.

Rather draconian IMO, but definitely well-researched and thorough.


You have had a hell of a tough time health-wise and have every right to choose a diet you believe in and which hopefully will benefit you. But I don’t think we can ever equate disease with diet quite as directly as you do here. I don’t think we can say that this or that diet results in disease unless the diet is extremely inadequate or toxic in some way.


My comments were in response to the statememt that red meat CAUSES cancer . What are we to make of that then? @Sybil True, cancer runs in my family. On my mother’s side most women died of it, my cousin recently at just about 52. Considerations derive from effects on me. Could I have died earlier had I not had treatments I had ? Who knows, personal results for diets may vary. Fact remains that previous diet, vegetarian at times, did not prevent my ailments, while current diet is having aforementioned effects. Best of luck w everyone’s diets and treatments

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I was wondering about the turmeric. Have you seen results from it? How long have you taken it?

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I haven’t seen profound results, but I do think it helps keep the psoriasis in check and tamped down. The maximum dose is no more than 1,000mg/day. I take two 500mg capsules.


I’m with you @letizia. I actually think a carnivore diet is best, like how you do it rather than how I do. I function far better with pure protein rather than than anything else. I’ve seen far too many people suffer needlessly on a vegan diet too, even mental health wise, more so. The ketosis effect from intermittent fasting is such a lovely thing too. A definite mood enhancer.

I source my meat carefully, local homemade sausages so as unprocessed as you can get. Local bacon, local beef, lamb and pork etc. Local fish too. Sadly I’m not a great poultry fan. Never have been, especially chicken and turkey. I love vegetables and salads and eggs and cheese. And proper butter. Sadly though I also love decent bread, pasta and rice. I can’t drink milk though.

With the exception of B12 and Vit D, (given I live in the Northern Hemisphere) I think all the rest, tumeric, apple cider vinegar, fish oils, shedloads of kale and whatever else is a total load of nonsense. None of it has been coherently proven to do anything much except line the pockets of those who peddle it. I used to take tumeric religiously until I ran out and forgot to buy some more and then realised it made zero difference to me. At all, at all. Same goes for Co-Enzeme Q10, although I’ve more time for that one.

However I’m all for whatever makes you feel good. If taking such stuff provides a level of emotional comfort then go for it, but do it without scales covering your eyes. Much if not all can be got from a decent daily diet anyway.

Having spent the last 6 weeks undergoing rigourous and utterly terrifying (frankly) testing and scanning for possible cancer, I’m very pleased to announce this overweight, wine loving carnivore (total animal lover too) aged 58 has no cancer anywhere, just an odd lesion in a tiny fracture on her pelvic wing tip. So life with decent food and drink is very much all for the living. Along with PsA biologics that work for me too.


Apologies, @letizia, if you misinterpreted my statement about bacon and red meat. It was meant partly as a defusing technique because we were getting off-topic on the original post, and partly a reflection of my own issues, not anyone else’s.

Respectfully though, the statement I made was that “red or processed meat… increases risk for cancer”, and I noted the WHO. We know that this might change, as things do in science, but for now this is a consensus position published by the World Health Organisation. Talking about the “other side” of research as though it is somehow 50-50 amongst the medical profession is misleading. As is equating your personal experience with the conclusions of an International Working group consisting of 22 experts from 10 countries evaluating more than 800 studies. So yes, when there is a big consensus position like that in science, they do have the right to say something causes cancer, and we do not; your and my opinion are not equivalent. That’s what we are to make of that.

@Sybil was just trying to temper some of the implications in your post, and being as kind and patient as she could while she was at it, because we do like to keep things as evidence based around here as possible. So lets get back to the topic at hand :blush:


Thanks! Have you noticed any tummy trouble from the turmeric?

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I am also a wine lover! I have been told several times that alcohol can cause more inflammation but I don’t find that to be the case.
It’s good to know that you had a clean bill of health and no cancer!! Yay!!! Congrats to you.

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