Summer Bens Friends Event - You guys hear about it First!

Well I am now a week post op from rather significant urologic surgery. Remember when I mentioned Inverse Psoriasis can show up anywhere? Well that was based on some first hand information. I was fortunate enough to be included in a 15 patient clinicla trial of a new procedure (well new for this purpose) I’ll keep you posted how it goes. BUT that is not what this is about.

When I was younger (Okay 50 years ago - thats younger isn’t it?) over the course of several summers I managed to hike/pack pack all of the 750 miles plus of trails in Glacier National Park. I decided its time to do it (well at least part of it) again. There is a couple of reasons:

  • I want to
  • I want to prove to myself, my treatment is effective
  • Elizabeth Lake is one of only a very few Greyling fisheries left in North America
  • This is being set up as a sponsored “Hike-athon” with several large corporations so we can meet our long term Goal at BF of having our own servers and custom software (including chat)

I’l be posting more details later as things finalize. But between now and March 1 when I finalize the backcountry permits etc. IF ANY OF YOU might want to join Ben and I (and Our partners) let me know. Or if you just want to hang Out at our base camp and day tour Glacier, thats cool too. Rumor is Seenie will be there. And My wife and Kiddos will be able to show you around when we aren’t in the back country. There are even some scoote friendly trails. Would LOOOOVE to meet some of you Let us know on the thread.

Depending on huckleberry crop (this is Grizzly country) snowpack (part of the route is at 7200 feet) we ar planning the week of August 5th. If you have NEVER backpacked this is a great hike. it will be 38 mile over 4 days. Day one is the worst as it is 10.2 miles and a bit over 5000 feet in elevation gain. So we will base for two nights at Lake Elizabeth and day hike to a couple of glaciers and 1500 foot waterfalls and even see some icebergs (depending on global warming) and of course flyfishing (my real passion) There is more wildlife in this area than just about anywhere in North America.

I will be blogging starting in March on preperations, equipment, food, financial partners etc.

A lot has changed in fifty years. I’m converting to ultra light weight equipment (so far minus food my new KIt (shelter slepping bag etc) weight less than my old canvas and leather external pack frame and pack. My Rheumie, Cardiologist, and PT have all met with me to make physical preparations etc. Two Bear Air has even committed to evacuation if necessary LOL)

But if anyone (JEN???) thinks they want to join in, though i thought I’d


I would absolutely love to! God knows how I’m going to make 10 miles and 5000ft in a day (actually- I’ll make it - it’s moving the next day that will be the problem :joy::joy:).

Will look at flights, dates, and how long I’d need to postpone buying a house for… :rofl: it sounds like a truly fantastic trip


Movin the next day is not necessary! I’m planning two nights at Elizabeth lake for just that reason, (not to mention the fishing is amazing and its one of the few places left in the world to fish for Arctic Greyling. I’m planning on pretty much outfitting this trip BTW.
Heres our primary planned loop:

Its a botanist @Ben_Munoz and Geologist @Jen75 dream come true and has a good site of Chief Mountain one of the true geologic wonders of the world - all the normal "layers are mized up Creationist say its “upside down” which isn’t entirely true. Would LOVE to get your opinion… Because its berry season the bears are out and trails are sometimes closed while the bugger chow down. so I have Goat Haunt to Many Glacier as an alternative route.: I’m negotiating with the NPS for dual permits

It starts with a boat ride from the Prince of Wales Lodge in Waterton Canada to Goat Haunt. I have visions of @Seenie at High Tea at the POW while we are negotiatng Stoney Indian Pass (its only a few thousand feet)

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Wow, they both look amazing! And planning in a rest day sure sounds like my speed :grinning:.

Is it just you @Jen75 ? Or you and your daughter? I’m buying a new ULW tent(s) and really don’t want to carry an ounce more than necessary. I like to bring kid friendly snacks - ice cream etc so room matters… Make them a lot happier. I did this hike at her age BTW. (my first multi day hike)

I’d love to bring her, but I don’t think it’s likely she’ll be able to make it - more mind than matter :joy::joy: I’ll talk to her and do a couple short hikes so she has some perspective on how far it is and we make a decision. Be a few weeks though before I’ll try that though, she gave her knee a really hard knock on the tiles a few days ago and it’s still stiff morning and night!

I must admit I was puzzled at the idea of trying to bring ice creams, as only an Australian could be :joy::joy::joy::joy: then I realised there was snow in the photos and it’s probably damn cold, even in Summer !

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The snow is for frozen margaritas. the ice cream is freeze dried - light but bulky the Tequila doesn’t count LOL… 80F in the day mid 30sF to mid 40sF at night
Not much of a geologist but wonder of she would be intrested in Chief Mountain a perfect example of a klippe. Even I can see Precambrian rocks on top Cretaceous rocks at the base of the mountain. Its part of the Lewis overthrust. There are also a lot of blocks of Proterozoic Rock laying around. Its in whats considered Sacred land to the Blackfeet Indian who believe that where life started. Proterozoic Rock as I remeber from 8th grade would be evidence, iguess. How did they know? WE just went through a huge fight as a number of folks (BP at the top of the list) wanted to mine/drill in the area and they would have no part of it.


I’ve lost a bit of track. She’s 11 right? My grandaughter (12) is trying to convince her mom to come. I love my daughter jess but her idea of camping is no pool boy. Clearly she’s adopted.

freeze dried ice-cream??? really?

Cheese cake too!!!

Funny thing, I’ve heard the same rumour! And I’m getting the feeling that there may be some truth in it! Seenie though, will be hanging out at base camp (with DH) and doing scooter friendly trail touring.

This will be extraordinary event in a totally amazing place. Tntlamb, what an inspiration you are!

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My daughter’s nine, and in school at that time, so it’s a stretch. But we do have some good hiking only about 40mins drive ways that will give us an idea, so we’ll start small (like 3 miles) and as her knee is fully healed, see what we can work our way up to. Not sure how we’ll go with the pack part. For her, it might have to be another time. For me, I’m liking the sound of cheesecake :grin:

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It’s beautiful. Glad you beat BP, there are some places that should just always be off limits. Our reef is one of them.

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I’m coming 'round to Jess’s way of thinking. Sorry to have to admit it.

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Agreed. Totally.

Freeze dried cheesecake??? Nooooooooo!!! Each to their own :roll_eyes:

Jon_sparky might help.

Seriously these are amazing. eat them regularly:

And these take care of the munchies:

BUT you could join us and find out for yourself…

I first had these as a kid visiting the Space museum and eating astronaut ice cream


Yummy, perfect for my earthquake bag! I feel freese dired today!

I have one of these in my bug out kit:–%20Be%20Equipped%20with%2072%20Hours%20of%20Disaster%20Preparedness%20Supplies%20for%202%20People