Foot and Float 2019 Report

Well we did It! 500plus miles on foot and afloat to raise awareness that although WE HAVE RARE DISEASE -RARE DISEASE DOESN’T HAVE US and to raise money to start new Ben’s Friends Communities.

We started the night before departing for Glacier National Park. McKenna caught her first West Slope Cutthroat Trout:

cuthroat.jpg691×921 194 KB


You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd!

Nothing cooler than running into the main herd at the National Bison Range. Nothing WORSE than to have a tire blow out in the middle of the herd and change it with this suspicious fella supervising:

bison.jpg349×737 84 KB


Then we meet our camp mascot, George (who never left us) Could be because our camp Cook was amazing - She even made cinnamon roles one morning:

george2.jpg466×960 142 KB


Or our Hilne trail Mascot “Iris” who kept a good eye on us:

goat.jpg480×640 61 KB


Then there is always the detailed NPS Maps showing you the best place to ford the Flathead river (not):

ford.jpg1228×921 206 KB


But Avalanche lake was spectacular:

avalnche2.jpg1228×921 423 KB


Always be prepared to change your Route:

detour.jpg1228×921 466 KB


You might even find something like this:
creek.jpg1316×640 174 KB


or this:

moose.jpg1316×640 109 KB


or even this:

swift.jpg983×737 283 KB


Speaking of bears. Seenie left with paw Prints on her back window and Juli with scratches on the hood of her car that appeared during the night. Me THINKS they had a secret stash of food???:


Water was low butwe still managed to find some rapids (our whole team minus the little ones and their Mom):

This year’s trip was a success and we are already planning next year’s. But forst a week of cleaning and sorting equipment. We are thinking someplace with Hot Springs. We met our milage goal but fell a bit short of our financial goal. But there is still time for you or your network to participate at:

Click here to support Foot and Float to Build 10 New Communities organized by…

Want to join us in making a difference? 10 Ben’s Friends Members and Friends spanning 3 generations are traveling to Glacier National Park This August for five active days to prove rare Disease Can’t stop - us not on Land or on Water and to raise…

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Can we reply to this one?

Anyway, I’m replying.

What dreamy photos, they speak volumes. Can you bottle that vibe you all seem to have?


Reply away, speaking of bottled a few of us (the guys) were just a bit late for the float trip safety orientation as we may have discovered a small distillery WITH a tasting room on our way there. The float trip folks were fine with it, but the wives not so much…



Sounds like a marvellous trip, made me smile to read about it and see the photos :smile:

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Wow! It makes me want to just be there! Well done you guys! x

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Great pics - thanks for sharing!

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Who was the lead trouble maker? :slight_smile:

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So jealous! You got some amazing pictures and saw way more wildlife than we did. I took the kids to Glacier and Yellowstone on an Epic Adventure last summer. First trip. Such amazing parks. Glacier was our favorite. We lucked out getting to see it. A storm hit the west side of the park as we were driving thru. We could see it behind us. Lightning started a wildfire that closed Going to the Sun Road for the rest of the season. Glad to see it has recovered. Would love to go back every year. Unfortunately health and finances prevent a trip anytime soon.