Stopping medication before surgery

Does anyone know what the general thoughts are? Shoulder surgery is schedule for 11th February. I’m on Celebrex,methotrexate & Orencia. I will be seeing my rheumi on Thursday but its Metho day today.

Greetings! I had shoulder replacement surgery on August 23. My rheumy had said no MTX/Humira for two weeks before and two weeks after. When I saw him on August 5, I had taken my last dose of methotrexate the Friday before and took my last dose of Humira that night. On his advice, since it was clear I needed something (I was having terrible trouble with my feet at the time), I took 5 mg Prednisone until I saw him on September 5. I got a bolus the day of surgery.

It ended up that I had been off MTX 3-4 weeks and Humira for two by the time I had surgery. I went back on Humira only around the first of October (I really didn't want to be taking Humira and Lortab (pain killer), both of which work on the liver, at the same time. The rheumy agreed.

I would sincerely love NEVER to take MTX again. I never fully got rid of the GI difficulties.

I'd call your rheumy before taking the meds if you're concerned. Different meds/dosages have different "rules" as far as surgery goes. Just for a liver biopsy I had to be "clean" for 4 weeks. Thank goodness for prednisone to help me through!