ORAL SURGERY and MTX and Humira

I had to have a tooth cut out today at the oral surgeon. The Rheumy told me to stop the MTX for at least 48 hours after the surgery and I cant start the Humira, (I was supposed to start this week). I have to wait another week before I can start taking it now. I sure hope it helps with the pain of PSA. I have never taken it and dont know anything about how it works other than its injection. I will be glad when I can start it and get some relief.

there are three good things about oral surgery. The drugs they give you before during and after. They would pull the license of an MD who would give you the stuff an oral surgeon will. You won't be feeling any pain for a while.

A few days won't matter much with the MTX and a week with Humira about the same. Sounds like you have a doc who knows the importance of aggresive treatment and COMMUNICATES with you. with a combination like that you'll have things under control pretty quickly.