Humira and methotrexate

Had a follow up visit with my Rhuemy on saturday, my skin is looking wonderful however still have the usual aches and pains each day, some days are worse than others> four months after starting methotrexate I had throat ulcers and suffered with a sore throat for 2 months. i stopped it immediately then started it again in October when i started with Humira. I have being taking it on and off since then. I had a telling off from Doc, he says that the methotrexate and humira go together and the treatment will not be effective otherwise. Any thoughts on this?

WI have a friend on Humira for RA and she does not take MTX. I will ask my rheum nurse next call though.

I started with MTX alone for 8 months - had some improvement but still a fair amount of pain. Rheumy added Enbrel and was on that for 6/7 months. No added benefit from the Enbrel unfortunately, so rheumy dropped the Enbrel and upped the MTX. That's where I am now. You might want to ask about trying Enbrel or Enbrel+MTX. No one thing works the same for everyone so it can be a frustrating cycle of trial and error. I wish you luck!

Had been taking MTX with Enbrel before switching to Humira and MTX. Have had that combo for a number of years now with varying degrees of success. Can function for 6 days a week, then on tues. I take my MTX in the evening and take wed, off of doing most things. It works for me since I don't work you will find what works best for you. You may have to try a few different ways before you get your own schedule. Stay Well.....Rich