Stomach protection

I’m not sure if others can receive the same service elsewhere in the world but most chemists in the UK offer a free NHS review of your medications yearly.
The pharmacist will sit down with you and go through all your medications to check your are taking them in a way that gives you their optimum effect.

One thing was highlighted to me this year… I was prescribed Omeprazole a few years ago because I was experiencing indigestion due to the anti-inflammatory I was on, but after changing my NSAID and no longer suffering indigestion I had stopped taking it. The advice from the Pharmacist is to take it each and every day as it will help protect my stomach long-term. In her opinion everyone on long-term NSAIDs should be taking such a drug.
Just thought I’d pass this on as its another question that might be worth asking our care providers.

You can have this done in the US as well, but I don't think it's done unless requested.

My rheumy has a rule. . . If I am using an NSAID, even if it is a minimum dose, then I must be taking Omeprazole every day. The rare times that I have been off of an NSAID completely, I have stopped taking the Omeprazole.

The NSAID I’m on is a combo of naproxen and omeprazole. I’m pretty sure that has been the only reason I have tolerated it so well for so long.

I tried all the different kinds. Strangely, my body reacted poorly to many by making my tummy and tongue hurt and swell slightly. Pepcid or the generic is all I can take. I have weird reactions to meds.

Thanks for the info Louise. My Carefirst plan in the U.S. offers a yearly review of my meds with a pharmacist by phone. I had my phone consultation a few weeks ago and the pharmacist didn't mention protecting my stomach with antacids.

Do you take Omeprazole once or twice a day?

I take a 20mg tablet once a day, first thing in the morning 30 mins before food :slight_smile:


My doc gave me Rabeprazole. It seems to be helping but I just started it. So far so good. I had stomach problems many years ago so I recognized the pains right away and called my Rheumy.