Stem cell treatment

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Does anyone have any experience, or heard of someone who had, stem cell therapy with own cultivated cells?

Just with folks who have been ripped off by charlotens posing as experts… Interestingly three of the Ben’s Friends staff are just getting on our day started at the world orphan drug conference and the largest research organization in the world has Booth right across from us… Should be a interesting day…

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Have read that fasting creates stem cell replacement for free…


Yes. Look up “autophagy” on youtube.


Hi @sbender wondering if you’ve had any updates in the last few years, learned anything new etc. I’m considering stem cell therapy myself but the dearth of research stateside, as well as intolerant attitudes toward it, make it difficult to get information

MOSTLY SNAKE OIL Be very careful here. There are a number of roving Stem Cell companies showing up all over the place (usually Hotel Conference rooms) for seminars and subsequent treatment costing thousands… the excitement surrounding emerging stem cell therapy has led some patients and health care providers to overlook the lack of scientific evidence to support its use at this time. Stem cell therapies currently used outside clinical studies do not contain pure stem cells. Instead, they are a mix of a variety of cells, of which only a very small percentage are stem cells. It is possible that many of these treatments do not contain enough stem cells to help.

It is also important to recognize that many stem cell therapies now marketed directly to patients are conducted without the required biologics license from the FDA. Also, some forms of mislabeled stem cell therapies do not contain any living stem cells. Such practices are cause for concern, as these treatments can mislead patients and the public, and delay the scientific progress needed to turn stem cell therapies into cures.

What the research into stem cells and arthritis shows is that there are opportunities for stem cell treatment to be used as injection therapy alone and in addition to orthopedic surgical procedures. Successful stem cell therapies thus far have resulted mostly in pain relief and improvement in function or quality of life. Only a few limited early studies have demonstrated improvement in new cartilage or bone formation needed to cure arthritis. Exactly how that cartilage regrowth occurs, or even how pain relief is achieved, is still unknown. That means if you have a stem cell procedure, it will be used to treat the symptoms of arthritis only. The ability to cure the disease entirely is not yet available.

So far stem cell injections aven’t been found to be anymore effective than than the joint injections we get now.


Have been gone for a while.
What I understand so far is the following.
Since your own cells are used, it will never solve the problem as they will get affected in the long run by the same old, overactive immune system.
There might, however be some scope in the case of Osteoarthritis.