From Canada - maybe a new treatment or even cure?

The first Stem Cell drug approved for use is from Canada, now while the article below is talking about treating GVHD (graft vs host disease) It is primarily inflammatory disease coming from the auto immune system.currently treated much the same way PsA is.

But in poking around I found this on the Osirus Web site:

We know Chrons IS directly related and not at all uncommon in PsA patients. Look at the pictures... Two treatments and not just improvement BUT elimination of even the scarring.

Whether this drug is "for us" I am encouraged that very soon one will be........

I need to add the first studies using mesenchymal stem cells for these purposes were published in 2006, so while not necessarily NEW news, these are the first approved "drugs from this source. Off label use will follow (thats how we have gotten most of our current arsenal of drugs....

This is a HUGE development!

The meds given for Crohns that were unsuccessful were what we are given, so this may do the trick for us!

Thanks tnt!

PS, I just posted a blog asking about surgery for Spinal Stenosis, should have put it under discussions, your input please, lamb. Seems you and I never sleep! Thanks!

Yahoo news has an article on 'chronic pain' being curbed in mice with stem cell treatment Also one about chronic pain being relieved in cell transplantation in lab study.

Why aren't people 'over the moon with this'? I put it on the FM site, sent out mass e-mails to friends and family, and absolutely no response? I don't get it!