Pig Parasite to Treat Autoimmune Diseases-Did anyone else read this?

I saw this article on yahoo today about a company developing a treatment for autoimmune diseases like RA, so in theory also PsA. Did anyone else read it & what are your thoughts on it? Basically the treatment would involve swallowing thousands of parasitic-worm eggs that are harvested from pig feces. The eggs never hatch but somehow are supposed to help the immune system not attack itself. Im curious how many of you would consider trying this if it ever became available. I also find it funny that the article says autoimmune disease is more common in developed countries and rich people. because even though the part about the developed countries is true im pretty sure most of us are far from rich. here is the link for the article:


ps: i only did a fast read through and didnt pay much attention to the sources. I dont mean for everyone to take it very seriously but it is interesting to wonder how far we would go to get relief or a cure for this sucky ass illness. yes sucky ass.

I am not sure if I would do it or not. I find t gross but probably have done worse seeking a cure! LOL!

It is a sucky ass disease.

I never think of myself as rich but every now and then something will happen that brings me up short and I get a figurtive slap on the back of the head by how little some people have and realize how very "rich" I am. Of course right now I can't come up with an example but it does happen and it makes me catch my breath.

I think this was posted a few days ago. I think i’d rather do this then inject myself with a needle.