Low dose naltrexone?

I had called in to Dr. Hoffman's radio show, specifically regarding helminthic therapy. His basic response was that it shows promise, but right now the research is limited.

I asked him what he would recommend, and one of the recommendations was low dose naltrexone. Is anyone familiar with this or tried it?

The first thing that needs to happen before worms or pro-biotics will work is that some link between the flora living in your gut and autoimmune response needs made. So far there is no link. I don't mean to sound indelicate but that doesn't require a massive study. A dose of ipec followed by a large volume of water, a goodly dose of a laxative and high colonic (coffee is a good one) and a 3 day fast would cure anyone with a flora problem.

Don't confuse food sensitivities with helminic and probiotic therapies. One is real the other is an attempt to suck money out of desperate victims pockets.

Please don't get sucked into the medical conspiracy theories. There has never been a closely held cover up that has lasted more than a few days (think Watergate) let alone one that would involve literally millions of people. If there were "cures" out there, they would be used, if by no one else, then the insurance companies and governments of countries (going broke) with universal health care.

These diseases are bad enough without chasing wind mills and the frustration of following everty opportunistic quack out there. Remember 70% of people with this family of diseases go into remission for no apparent reason at some time in the course of the disease and those remissions can last for years. Folks in remission don't spend much time with online support groups...... What shows up here are the worst of the worst. We also get some with questions when starting treatment ,that get them answered respond well to their treatment and never come back.

The bigger question is of the 70% who have gone into remission how many have been using a "quack cure" and attribute it to that and share it with others?

My understanding there has been SOME minor improvement with Fibro using low dose Naltrexone in a fairly small portion of those trying. Its should be interesting to see what happens as this drug is designed to radically alter the adrenal response to opiads and consequently pain reponse and/or inflammatory action. Many of the drugs we take do the same thing such as predi.