Someone just sent me a message that I was promoting drug treatment. No I really didn't mean to. Just stating what worked for me. What I was trying to say is find what works for you and go with it. I guess I didn't say it well. I do apologize to anyone I offended.

Hi Mat, just a few words of support to say I didn't read your post like that at all, you were simply just telling us that you're now on a combination of PsA medications which are working for you. WHICH IS A GREAT RESULT FOR YOU :-) We all post about medications and how we find them all the time so if you were promoting drug treatment then we are all culpable.

Promoting drug treatment? Are you talking about the medications used to treat PsA, such as DMARDs and biologics? These are necessary for the vast majority of people. Find what works for you? It's fine to supplement treatment with diet and exercise, but these are to support treatment, not in lieu of treatment.

The truth is that there are research supported treatments that do work to slow the progress of the disease. The rest of it? Might make you feel better temporarily, but will do nothing to slow the progress of the disease.

The person who sent you a letter. . . I hope that they are lucky enough to have a spontaneous remission, and can enjoy it for many many years. But to advocate for not treating? It's not an option.


I call BS on whoever sent you that message. You have no need to apologise, you are simply giving us a great news story that is lovely to hear!

Your stories of skiing inspire me, as I’m sure they do 99% of our membership. And I’ve seen the life I could have had without meds - my dad endured that - and it was something to be endured.

Instead I have a different choice - and I dare anyone to suggest my chioce is less correct than theirs.

Thanks MAT, it was lovely to read your post.


I am so sorry that happened to you. You’re post was just the sort of thing that I like to hear; someone finally found what works and is living their life instead of suffering. Don’t ever apologize for that! I am so glad to hear you are well,and I hope it lasts a good long time.

Big hugs to you from the Grumpy Kitty!

I can so relate to all that.

I sadly was forced into using the drugs too after a series of unfortunate events a few summers back. I am sure many of you can relate and give me the famous Living with PsA Mantra "that's exactly how it was for me only mine was worse" that a constant diet of sour grapes always produces.

In my case it started with a serious burn on my bum from a hot rock in the sweat lodge. THEN the medicine man got busted. Apparently the sweet grass he was burning was grass all right but of the cannabis variety. We had a colder than usual winter, a dry spring and wouldn't you know it, frogs came in short supply s couldn't lick enough of them to get things under control. I was only left the ever popular paint myself purple and dance naked under a full moon option. How was I to know the girl scouts were camped by the river that night? Fortunately the county attorney bought the temporary insanity plea and placed me a diversion program.

As a condition of the diversion program I was forced into a treatment center where the doctor in charge decided to extract revenge for an incident when she was in the 8th grade leading to her her father and my daughter, and myself having a joint woodshed discussion following a small 10 acre grass fire resulting from some experimentation with tobacco products .

It started out innocently enough, but there was no doubt that her goal was to introduce one unnatural product after another to take control of an autoimmune system that wanted control. First there was the NSAIDS, then there was the DMARDS, the ultimate Biologic drugs. Filling in in between times shooting these awful drugs directly into my joints. There was even times when she forced me to take "Pain Meds"

Here I was perfectly content to be in a either recliner or wheel chair, 100 pounds overweight from good eating, shopping at 3:00 in the morning so I could be sure to get a handicapped parking spot AND and Electric cart at the Wal-mart. AND NOW because of all those nasty drugs. I lost all of that glorious fat, was forced to exercise and had to take my grand kids on a 5 day back packing trip in the Bob Marshall. No more Wal-Mart, had to go to the Natural Grocers instead. Went fishing in the evenings. Spent 6 mos on a world Cruise.

It was horrible.

Fortunately though there is HOPE. That vindictive doc has moved to Cody Wyoming, my probation for the dancing incident is up, My Medicine Man is getting out of the Pen, I've learned my lesson about sweet grass, sweat lodges and hot rocks. water levels are up following a winter of unusual heavy snow so frogs should be in great supply. I could covert my vineyard to a frog farm even....

I can now devote my life to fighting those horrible unnatural drugs. And the Very coolest of all thanks to Obama-care I can get my own electric shopping cart and go to the Wal-mart anytime I want. I 'll just bring an extra battery.

I didn't read your post that way either, MAT. So happy for you that you found treatment that works for you!

I also didn't read your post that way Mat :-) Your post was uplifting and inspiring! I'm so happy that you have found treatment that allows you to have a more functioning life! Totally Awesome!! :-)

MAT, I don’t believe you were promoting drugs at all. You were simply telling us what worked for you, and has given you relief from pain. Keep up the encouraging messages!

I’m sorry that someone tried to rain on your parade … you deserve to bask in the sun for a good long time!

Lamb’s feeling better after his surgery …

tntlamb said:

I can so relate to all that…

Public shaming of anything whether it be pets or humans is disgusting and should never be tolerated by anyone. I do not believe it was Matt's intention to shame or call anyone out with this post, if anything she was apologizing for maybe not coming of as clearly as she thought she was (no need to apologize in my opinion, her post was awesome and encouraging). Matt was very respectful of that persons privacy by not announcing the name publically. We are all entitled to our opinions but making this post something than other what it was intented to be is not cool

Don't think you got my point, but that's ok. Maybe I was making assumptions based on my experiences that don't apply. I just know if I'd sent a message saying that sort of thing, I'd feel pretty dumb and shamed if I saw a post like this following it. Right?

And I didn't mean real pet shaming, I was referring to the cute "shaming" posts that are all kinds of popular right now... http://www.boredpanda.org/funny-public-shaming-of-dogs/

Putting on my Moderator Hat: This was clearly an apology by MAT just in case anyone else took what she posted in a manner which she didn't intend. Let's please leave it at that and not read anything into her apology that isn't there. Thank you!

I am really sorry this has happened to you. I fail to understand why anyone would be negative to you about the choices you have made for your health. Just as people who decide to use medications need to exercise tolerance towards people who do not choose to use meds the reverse needs to be true. Both must treat each other respectfully. I am really sorry as I know how hard you have fought to retain your health. I am really sorry and hope you un-friend them. You do not need that kind of crap in your head.

Yup. I got that after I napped and re-read it all. Sorry for my messiness, and I will nap before posting in the future. Do check the link, though. Good for a laugh.

nym said:

Putting on my Moderator Hat: This was clearly an apology by MAT just in case anyone else took what she posted in a manner which she didn't intend. Let's please leave it at that and not read anything into her apology that isn't there. Thank you!

I am genuinely happy to hear you are doing well MAT

Its the image of lamb painted purple dancing naked in the moonlight that frightened me ;)

I might need some of that frog therapy...