New guidelines for the treatment of PsA with Biologics.......UK!

I found this by chance :)

596-bsr_guidelines_2012_treatment_of_psoriatic_arthritis_with_biologics.pdf (486 KB)

Ok, I know this sounds nerdy........but I love all the references!!! it will give me hours of digging and reading :)

Look how pretty you look Louise in your new picture! You have lost pounds (kg?) and years! What is your secret?

I am so glad biologics maybe easier for patients to get in the near future.

I’ll certainly pass on anything relevant I find…trouble is I read all around the subject and easily get side tracked and end up reading something engrossing on a completely unrelated topic lol

Ah bless you Michael, thought I’d put a newer photo up…laughter, fresh food and love has done me wonders :slight_smile:

Is your BF still running you ragged? last you were here you were having to back off a bit.... Great Job.

Lol Lamb yep the BF is still keeping me on my toes but has learnt my “PsA tells” and lets me off the hook lol

Thank you! I saved it to read and reread... Great info.

super interesting and i love anything that says EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE ;) grad school warped me

Thanks for sharing. I too like well referenced work.

Love and fresh food are doing wonders! You look great, love the smile!

Thanks for the article link as well.

Ah bless you Kirsten :slight_smile:
Its very rarely I loose my smile, smiling always makes me feel better.