Moving on to Stelara

Hi. Well I am moving on to Stelara and was looking for others experiences with it for their PsA. After a year of Humira with mixed results it's time for a change. Although the Humira helped with some fatigue and stiffness my arthritis remains very active. A couple of days ago I got home from work and once I got off my feet for a little bit I could hardly stand and hobble around the house. At my rheumy appt. yesterday he switched me to this new medication and offered a parking placard. Going for updated xrays of my hands and feet today. I think I read that Stelara is good for arthritis that is active in your hands and feet.

Anyway, any information or experience about this new drug is appreciated!

Thanks.. :)

I am interested too! I went for my Remicade today and didn't get it. She thinks my hands and feet are too swollen so she thinks the disease is pretty active and she is switching me to Stelara! We'll learn about it together HoneyBunny. Is your name from Pulp Fiction? My husband calls me Honeybunny when I get excited about something. As in Pulp Fiction, "Settle down Honeybunny" or maybe it was "Take it easy Honeybunny" Makes me laugh which ever it is; it's been years since I climbed on any tables with a gun......

Have you guys started the Stelara yet? I talked to my rheumy today on the phone. Looks like we will be scheduling me an apt before June. He wants to try me on Stelara next. I was on Enbrel for about 5 months with no improvement, Humira for almost 6 weeks. The PsA and the P have gotten WAY worse. I am a bit hesitant to start yet another biological. This will be my 3rd in less than a year.

Last visit we also changed my MTX to injections and did cortisone injections in both knees (with no improvement).

I am miserable, and ready to say to heck with all these crappy drugs. Tonight I feel disheartened and my mood seems to fit the rain....

No I am having a heck of a time getting it. First my Rheumy's office messed it up now my insurance is having a hassle over it. I hope to start soon.