Status on Carolynn?

Anyone hear anything or seen her lately?

no...I was really concerned too. I sent her a personal message as well, but have received nothing back. I hope she is okay. Maybe she has made a great recovery and is back to her busy life!!! (well, one can hope so anyway!)

Well, I "ran into" Carolynn on Facebook yesterday, and she asked me to tell you that she has been very busy with work and studying. You know how difficult it is to juggle all and cope with PsA at the same time! And on top of that, she's having log-in issues on this site.

She's going to try to get her log-in issues sorted out on the weekend, and she hopes to have a bit of time then to catch up with folks on this board.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Thanks for the update Seenie. I'm glad, she sounds like she's doing better if she's back to work and studying.

Thanks, Seenie, I have been thinking about her and wondering why she hadn't answered my messages too.