Started Cosentyx Today

Started Cosentyx today. Two 150mg injections. They werent as bad as Enbrel but they did sting. Took it like a champ. I can’t wait to see results. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good luck Champ! Fingers crossed for you.

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Hope Costenyx does you wonders :grin:

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Thanks @Sybil and @Jen75!! I’m excited for it!

Best of luck. Gosh I get zero sting on them. You are doing the 5 week loading doses aren’t you? And hopefully if you’re like me you’ll start sleeping well each time you take another dose.

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@Poo_therapy I slept so well that last two nights. I’m not used to that at all! Well anytime I have hurt my nerves seem to go into over load. I’m sure the injection is not as painful to most people. I decided to ice down the spot and it helps.

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It’s a welcome side effect isn’t it, the sleeping that is? Really hope it works for you. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Yes, they don’t sting anything like the other ones! I think Stelara was the worse for me, even after it was room temp it still felt like a bee sting.
Good luck!

Yes, its been a nice change. I have felt tired but I assumed that would happen.