Cosentyx - I think it is working!

One photo was taken in August, and the other after my workout tonight. I can see a difference! I didn’t have sausage ties, I had sausage FOOT! I’m 2 doses into my loading doses (just took the 3rd tonight. So far I’ve had no side effects for 1-2 days afterward. Then on the 3rd day I fight nausea, and usually I sleep a really deep 10 hours or so one weekend day. Plus some tummy upset occasionally. MRI on Friday. Crossing fingers that the damage is minimal!!!

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I reacted like that from a PsA perspective in the loading doses. Couldn’t believe it week after week. I didn’t however get your side effects other than sleeping. Now be aware once you stop the loading doses it might well dip but it does pull up again, it just takes its time. Delighted for you. More delighted you can manage a workout. I most certainly can’t do that one!

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That’s wonderful, I’m so pleased for you!

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That is a very impressive response so far. That’s very promising.

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Thanks for the heads up! Yeah, I’m kind of fortunate that I went 5 years thinking it is just chronic pain caused by soft tissue damage from a broken ankle. Did years of physio and was told “motion is lotion.” Ironically, they told me that, if I stopped exercising on it, I’d likely develop arthritis. Lol. So I found activities that I could do, or could push through to do (adrenaline helps!) so now I dragonboat and am a soccer goalkeeper. :slight_smile:

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Congrats!!! Just hope you didn’t jinx by sharing your good news LOL. QUICK Knock on wood

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so happy for you, am also on cosentyx as well as mtxt and it made the difference between wheelchair and walking

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I finally understand the dip! Finished my loading doses, and was even able to play out on the soccer field by the end of it (usually I play keeper because I can’t run with my foot!). Exactly 1 week after my last dose, my feet swelled up, the icy hot feeling returned to my toes, and it felt like I popped my left Achilles. I was on crutches for a day, then a cane. The next day it moved to my plantar fascia. So weird. I can’t wait for my next dose. Why don’t they give it biweekly or something?!

This med tests your patience at this stage. Or it certainly tested mine. Hang on in there and be patient. Before a year is up it will have kicked back in again. And remember no biologic reaches full efficacy for a year anyhow, this one included. As it liked you during the loading doses, there is no good reason why it won’t kick back up. For me that was month eight, for others it’s been month six and I know one person where it was month 10. In the dip, you’ll get two to three decent enough weeks out of four so relish them. I was so glad I stuck it out, mind you I was as grumpy as whatever waiting too because I’m truly not a patient person.

Did you get 5 loading doses? The recommended dose is 300 mg, which is often taken as two (2) 150-mg injections under the skin. I have talked to folks who took 150mg every 2 weeks and were quite happy