Spotlight on you. Yes, YOU!

So it’s time for our editor to write another “Member Spotlight”. Remember when we did one back in August on Stephen from BAF?

I may not be completely objective of course, but I think LWPsA is one of the most interesting communities with some of the nicest members on the Ben’s Friends network. (And yes, flattery gets me everywhere. OK, flattery gets me some places, occasionally.)

C’mon friends, step up, volunteer! Tell us your story and our editor will buff and polish it up to share with the rest of Ben’s Friends. Give her the bare bones, the facts, the raw material, and she’ll make you look great. Heck, you already are abfab. So she will make you look as great as you really are.

Don’t make me call names or force me to PM you individually! (Yes, you know who you are!)

It’s pretty easy: click here, fill out the form and then click on submit. You don’t even have to email it or attach it to anything!

Love you all :heart_eyes: , even if I can’t be here as often as I’d like.


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