You are Our Sandbox

In case you didn’t notice, LWPsA is Ben’s Friends Sandbox where we tryout “new stuff” Its no accident! You guys are great (not to mention patient) and free with your comments. So lo these many months we are finally building a landing page for each community. While it doesn’t affect our existing members, who know exactly where to go to participate. it tough for new members. Our hope is a "landing page with lots of resources will help the learning curve for newbies. For the next 21 days we will have a sandbox landing page up at: try it out PLEASE (just click on the link look around.a Be sure and Look at our new Blog while you are there.Then click on “Forum” to return to the PsA Community and fill out the survey below. If you have any suggestions to make it better or things we should add but didn’t please post those ideas/comments as a reply to this post. THANK YOU!!

  • I like it - Go for it
  • Not helpful to newbies
  • Do something else with your time

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If this goes live, you can just bookmark where you want to go and bypass the landing page.

Again Thanks,

TJ and Seenie, Co-Executive Directors Ben’s Friends

The landing page is welcoming and I like the blog/news feed. It feels more up to date and might encourage better “poking around” by members. Nice job!

Second everything @janeatiu said. It’s fresh and very up to date. Well done guys.