Site Navigagtion

So far I'm not getting around very well in figuring out how this site works. Exploring for the most part has not helped, and navigation attempts keep me going in circles. Please help.

Hi, Seventyeight, this site is quite large and not always very intuitive in the way it works. I'm glad, though, that you managed put out a cry for help!

The green band near the top of the page contains links that you can click on to go to about a dozen parts of the site. From any of those (Discussion, for example) you can put in your two cents' worth whenever you see the +ADD icon and click on it. It's not very prominent, but when you've seen it once, you will notice it the next time.

Keep an eye on the "Members Online" box at the lower right corner of your screen. Clicking on it will make it pop up so that you can see who is online. If you click on someone's picture there, you will get a menu choice that says "Chat". I you see me online, do that and I'll be happy to walk you through whatever you would like to do on the site. (Or for that matter, just visit.) Remember, though, that sometimes people leave their computers on, and a LWPsA window open, so it may look like there here, when they are actually off whitewater rafting (or maybe eating lunch).

Hope to chat with you soon!

Ask me anytime too. I'm absolutely lousy at it but have been lousy for longer. I check my inbox a few times most days.