Does anyone know how to enable responses to mail received from members here?

Several members have sent me mail but my replies to them keep bouncing. Does anyone know how to correct this issue because I REALLY want to respond to them!!! Elizabeth and others, this is you!

Thanks in advance!

Is this mail that's going to your inbox here on livingwithpsa? If so, when you open the mail to read it, there should be a bar across the top including a "reply" button. You may need to friend the person first.

If it's welcome messages posted on your page, you can click "my page," then click on the message, then you should be able to reply on the other person's wall.

I think you've set a forwarding address, so that livingwith mail forwards to your "normal" inbox. (You're seeing the emails in your inbox, but not on livingwith, right?) You can hit reply, but then it has nowhere to go.

When you see an email from livingwith in your inbox, log onto livingwith and go to your inbox there. Then you can answer.


Seenie and nym, thank you for your responses! I've taken a while to reply because I'm terrible at tech stuff on a good day and the last week has made me more muddle headed than usual. I FINALLY can read your notes and make sense of them! :-D

And my abject apology to anyone who may have written that I didn't reply to initially, since I couldn't figure out how to work things out. I just want to add that I GREATLY appreciated your messages and am so sorry to have muddled up the means of replying. Think I'm straight on it now.

LOL, well that was easy! I wish PsA were as easy to solve!

Have a good day.