Someone please tell me how to use the chat room!

Can't figure out how to use the chat room, I'm a virgin chatter!! LOL!!

Seriously, I am unfamiliar with chat rooms, and when I go to the 'faq' page under chat and click either of them I get a page stating that 'the web page cannot be found'. Need some instructions here, please!



At the bottom right of your page, you should see a little "cog" icon. Click on that and it will either say "connected to chat" or give you the option to "go online." If you can see a box that says "Members Online," then you are connected. If not, click to "go online."

There are two ways to chat. You should see a bar at bottom, near right, that says "Main Room." If you click that, the main room will open.

If you choose to chat in the main room, your messages will be visible to anyone who joins that chat. This is a public chat.

The other way to chat is to click on a specific member who is listed in the "Members Online." Just click on their name and a private chat room will open. You simply type any message in the space provided (where your cursor is blinking) and click 'enter'. If the other person really is present (sometimes people do not disconnect from the page, but are off doing other things), they can respond. You will see their message appear in the chat window. Just respond to their messages and you will be chatting!

If I see you online when I'm here, I'll send you an IM (instant message) so you can see how the chat works.

Advice: Until you get used to chatting, assume that all your messages are public!! :-)

After I responded to your question, it occurred to me that you may have been asking about voice chat. I'm guessing the chat room here supports voice chat because there is a volume control beside the main room. You have to have a microphone for voice chat to work.

I haven't used voice chat in years, but it seems like we used our space bar on the keyboard like a microphone and hold while you talk. Sorry I'm not a lot of help, but it's been way too long since I participated in voice chat. It's probably all changed by now!

also under "more" at the top of the page on the right. click on it and the word chat will come up click on that and wa la you are there!