Chat room

a lot of you may not know but we have a chat room. I found it when I first signed on into this site and promptly forgot about it. Now I have stumbled back into it. A chat room is a great place tao vent, make friends and get answers to questions about PsA or psoriasis. 3 years ago I seldom was on the computer and never in a million years did I think I would ever turn to strangers to help me cope with my PsA. I have made some great friends. So hey check it out! go to more at the top of the page and click on chat. If anyone is there their name will be posted. See you there. :)

I'm surprised how many people don't use the chatroom. I think most people don't know it exists or don't know how to access it. FYI for those who don't know, it's on the very bottom right of the browser window, and you can either open it in the window or open it as a separate window.

Thanks for opening a discussion on the subject of the chat room, its a great way to get to know people and talk about all kinds of things, helps us to relate and ask questions. There is so much information that can be shared between members, I know that I am learning more and more on here. Most important is that I have discovered after all these years that I am not alone, it's not in my head, and people really do care and want to share. Sometimes it can simply just be about leaving a little Hello, to introducing yourself to someone who is online. As much as we use the discussion board for information, chat can be used for the same reasons, and in the process we can brighten someones day, or simply chat away the sometimes lonely moments or hard times! So like Tree , hope to see more people on chat....See you there! :)