Treatment Diaries

I know that this forum gives us a great place to chat with one another and make friends with other PsA'ers. So grateful to to have found it. A friend of a friend of mine started a place for people with illnesses to keep an online diary. I know a lot of us have daily frustrations or just want to talk about how we're feeling but we feel bad telling our spouses or friends over and over "I don't feel good today" or "this hurts" or you need to vent about people that don't understand but don't want them to see it-- you just need to get it out. lets you do that (yes, it's free). You can read other peoples posts on there about struggles, medicines, progress and everyday life. You can see others posts with PsA (and whatever else you may have) and make friends on there if you like their posts. You can also make posts private if you do not want to share. It's free, and a great place to get all your stuff out when you need to most... when you just need to talk and feel alone in this crappy disease. Anyways.. I just wanted to share this site with you. I just joined a few days ago and I love the concept.

Thank you for the suggestion. You are right, sometimes I need to vent, but don’t want to bother my spouse.